Chapter 43: Peeta

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Boggs leads Katniss and me to the hover-craft and we lift off almost immediately. I notice Katniss' "team" is sitting there awkwardly with their cameras and Gale has a cross-bow. I watch as we fly over some plains that slowly turn into hills then mountains and we're there.

"Okay you guys will be staying kind of undercover but mostly distracting Snow with propos as Cato and Clove's team attack" I nod and we unload carefully. It's surprising how quiet the hover craft is. We all gather in a building on the edge of the Capitol. We get settled quickly and Cressida suggests a propo close to the center to make them think we're near by.

"Okay what kind of propo?" Gale asks boredly and I close my eyes, slightly angry. 

"Well just a we're coming for you and scare them a little if we can" she suggests "I think just Katniss for now" every nods and they split up, leaving Gale, Boggs and me to do whatever we want. We sit around awkwardly and I sneak off to the kitchen for some water.

"So what do you guys want to do?" Boggs asks awkwardly. I shrug and take a sip of the clean Capitol water.

"We could go hunt?" Gale suggests boredly. I nod and Boggs goes to get us some weapons. He hands me a spear, from where I have no clue. Gale grabs his bow and we head out. We walk sneakily to the base of one of the taller mountains and stop.

"Have they just killed off everything?" Gale says with a hint of anger "There's nothing out here!" he says getting louder and angrier. We walk back sadly and I go to my room, well my bed. I sit boredly and later hear the doors open. Katniss and her team come back all grinning wildly for a while then it fades.

"We should get to bed soon, so we don't raise suspicion by staying up late" we all comply and get ready to go to bed. I quickly slip off my shirt and slide into the small bed. I watch as un-creepy as I can as Katniss gets her "sleeping shirt". She looks around and I look away as our eyes meet.

I lay in my bed waiting for sleep to take me and it finally does.

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