Chapter 5

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Savannah hesitated around the pool area, her eyes scanning all the young adults gyrating to an ear splitting rap song. How on earth do they dance to that?

'If you think you're going to get me to dance to that, it ain't happening.'

Savannah laughed, 'modesty looks stylish on you,' her eyes combed over Robert. On second glance, with Ross temporarily out of the equation, Robert was fine looking. He had intelligent eyes just like Ross. He was attractive, just like Ross. Robert looked good in his figure hugging jeans...just like Ross. Oh who the hell am I kidding?

' If you carry on staring at me like that, I'm going to think you're falling in love with me,' Robert's eyes raked over her stunning body appreciatively.

'Your ego is colossal!' She arched an eyebrow critically.

He stopped smiling, his eyes serious for once, ' everything okay with the boss-man?'

Why did you mention him?

'Yeah,' Savannah smiled. ' He just wanted to make sure our pillow talk won't involve me divulging trade secrets.'

' I knew it! I knew you wanted to take me to bed. 'I'm busy till Tuesday. I can accommodate you on Wednesday,' Robert pretended to be mentally consulting his diary.

Savannah laughed. 'You really are something Robert Morey.'

'Something enough for you to have dinner with me tomorrow?' His voice turned huskily soft.

He could see the flutter of emotions running though her mind. Did she have a boyfriend...lover?

Is Ross going to give me hell if I go out with Robert? Who cares? Not like I am going to compromise myself...ethically speaking, she grinned, she thought to herself.

'Does that sexy smile mean yes,' Robert asked boyishly.

' Yes,' her smiled broadened.

' Just so you know, I don't kiss on the first date,' he warned, straight-faced.

'I don't believe it!' she shook her head. He really was something else. 'I'll try and contain my raging hormones, hard as that might be,' she tried for a disappointing tone.

'Let's take that romantic walk that you were so rudely deprived of earlier,' Robert held out his hand to her.

'Sure,' Savannah felt comfortable linking her hand in Robert's. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. They'd been walking about and Robert had not stopped making her laugh. They were watching the bright full moon now. Robert was informing her about the shadowed figures on the moon. Savannah laughed disbelievingly.

'Hey Savannah,' Sadie Lloyd, the elder of Ross's two sisters appeared. She was twenty six to Ross's thirty two. 'Has my brother just abandoned you? That is very unlike Ross.'

'Hi Sadie, no,' Savannah smiled. She liked Ross's sisters. They were caring and so friendly. ' I was just with him,' Savannah offered.

'Good evening Robert,' Sadie smiled. ' I'm glad you're taking care of Savannah,' her eyes fell to their linked hands.

'You know I have a weakness for good looking ladies' he winked. 'My heart has only just recovered from you launching me and marrying that husband you're so in love with.'

She smiled, 'he has modesty issues,' she warned Savannah. ' Tread carefully with him.'

'It's a revelation that's rapidly unfolding, the longer I'm in his company,' Savannah laughed.

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