The sleepover party part 1

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Karma, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Neville were on there way back to the common room when they were stopped by double trouble (Fred and Gorge) “we ar3e gonna have a sleep-”Fred said then Gorge said “-OVER PARTAAYYY tonight and”carrying on then Fred carried on by saying “you are all invited.”A-all of us?...” stuttered Neville then in-sink the twins said “all of ya” then they ran off...

Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny carried on walking when Karma and Neville stopped to talk about the twins party. “I don't think I can go. I still need to study for herbology and for Hagrid's next class.”Karma said looking sadly at Neville. Then Neville said “You study for herbology please are you joking and I can't even get that silly book open. Watch.He got out the book from his bag and tried his best to open it he hoped that it would because there was a lot of people walking by. Then suddenly once he had thought that he had done it the book attacked him and he fell to the ground.

"Oh my god! Are you OK Neville?” she asked him looking worried. “Yep all fine...” he replied as she helped him up.
"ok I get it but still I don't think I wanna go to be honest..." She said looking at Neville and spotting Alison Malfoy pointing at them and laughing.
"Why not? I can't believe I'm saying this but it might be fun..." He said trying to cheer her up.
"ok but you need to help me work on my homework and I'll help you become the master of that book"Karma said feeling a bit happier and kissing Neville on the cheek, which made him blush.
Once they finished with their homework they headed over to the common room to find everyone just staring at them both. It looked like they had been waiting for some time now.
"Ok what took you two so long?" Hermione said in in-Passions. "we were doing homework sorry guys..." Karma said...
" WELL YOU-" Hermione carried on until she was interrupted by Ginny saying "Well now that everyone is here we can get stared. anyone have any ideas of what to play?"
"How about truth or dear" Fred said "Nah we always play that..." Gorge said disagreeing with him for once.
"We could play 7 minutes in heaven..." Harry said looking at Ginny lovingly.
"Ok then we play 7 minutes in heaven" Imogen ( Karma's BFF) said looking at Neville everyone knows she likes him but he likes Karma, and Imogen only as a friend... 

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