Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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Chapter 1

"I wish that we could stay in this bed forever." I turn over and look at the boy I've envisioned spending my whole life with. The day we met five years ago was probably the best day of my life, us being thrust together into a group, never even have spoken before but we knew the moment we laid eyes on each other what this was... what we would be.

"I'm pretty sure our managers wouldn't like that." He smiles, his patented smile. That same smile that I've grown to love so much.

I groan and roll over, knowing he's right. We'd have to get up and get back to reality eventually. We've got a new album to record after all.

"I'm so exhausted from that tour, I wish we could just take off a couple of months, spend a few weeks in the country, the fresh air and--" He cuts me off with his lips. I smile into the kiss, pulling him impossibly closer to me. I close my eyes as he deepens the kiss; I could never get tired of kissing him.

"Marry me?" I open my eyes quickly, trying to look in his to see if he's serious or not. Marry me Harry." He says again, his eyes still closed.

"Louis?" I question, I need him to open his eyes. I need him to look at me.

"I don't think I've ever loved anyone as much as I love you." He says into my lips, closing the small distance between them to kiss me again.

"Louis?" I pull back and say again. He finally opens his eyes. We stare at each other for a moment before he sighs and rolls over, sitting up on the edge of the bed. I sit up and lean on my elbow. "I would--"

"I know." He cuts me off, whispering his words and nodding his head.

"I want--"

"I know, Harry." He cuts me off again, this time turning to look at me and with more conviction in his voice. I learn over and place a hand on his bare back. He sighs again as I lean forward to kiss the top of his back just below the shoulder. I'm caught off guard when he shrugs me off, standing up from the bed and putting his clothes on.

"Louis you can't seriously be upset with me, I'm not the one with the girlfriend remember?" I snap and immediately regret it. He freezes and looks at me, the pain evident in his eyes. I get up and try to grab him but his pulls away. "Louis I'm sorry I didn't mean that I'm--"

"You're right Harry. I'm sorry I even asked."

"Louis don't--" I try and grab him again but he pulls away.

"We should probably get up anyways, management team will be here any minute to discuss the details of the new album." He says, not even bothering to look at me. He grabs his shoes off the floor and leaves the room... our room. I roll my eyes at myself and flop down on the bed Louis and I spend most nights. He usually comes in after everyone has gone to bed and is out before everyone awakes. We live here with our three other band mates, Niall, Zayn and Liam. Although they know about Louis and I, we still don't flaunt our relationship around. Management is completely against it. They say it's bad for our image. That we'd lose fans if they knew two of the band mates were dating.

We've been hiding our love for five years now and I must say it doesn't get any easier and well, little fights like these don't help either. I groan and throw myself back into the mountain of white covers messily spread across the queen sized bed. The covers smell like him and it breaks my heart.

I can't stand having to hide what I feel for him and worst of all I hate having to watch him be with her every day: kissing her and holding her hand as we walk through the airport or go to a restaurant. The sad part is, management doesn't even allow us to act like we're friends in public most of the time; they want us as far away from each other as possible in interviews and when we're performing and it kills me.

It kills us both.

I know that Louis is struggling with this just as much as I am and it's even worse for him because he has to pretend to be in love with someone that he's not in love with.

"Teams here." Liam peeks his head in and tells me. I sit up and nod.

"I'll be out in a minute." I take a deep breathe to calm myself and Liam notices my uneasy mood. He comes in and shuts the door behind him, taking a seat on the bed next to me.

"I saw Louis a bit ago and he didn't look all that happy."

"We got into a thing and I said something stupid." I shrug and shake my head.

"Aren't you always, Harry?" He jokes, bumping his shoulder with mine causing me to smile a little. "I know this is hard yeah, but if anyone can do it it's you and Louis. Tough guys you two are and pretty in love."

"I'm just sick of the bloody hiding you know. It isn't fair to have to do things in secret yeah."

"No it's not, but I guess some things are out our control. We just work with what we got." Liam places a hand on my shoulder and oddly, it's comforting.

"Yeah." I reply softly with a nod.

"We better get out there." He motions towards the door.

I flick my head once towards the bathroom. "Alright just let me--"

"Yeah sure." He stands up from the bed. "Harry, I'm sure things will work out like there supposed to yeah?"

"Yeah." I agree, standing up from the bed as he turns and leaves the room. I'm sure he's right, if things are meant for me and Louis they'll happen.

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