▪︎Marry me idiot▪︎

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After entering the garden and expecting to find an intruder. I ended up finding my handsome boyfriend, Katsuki Bakugou instead. What is he even doing here? He should be unpacking our luggage while I beat up an intruder. Not saying I'm hoping to find one but still I can't help but be disappointed.

"Y/N...the first time we met didn't exactly went well. I still regret making you cry that day...To be honest, I would beat myself up just by remembering the amount of times I've made you upset" Katsuki took a few steps towards me. I softly smile at him.

"When you came back after abandoning me. It was like the world have given me a second chance to make things right..." He hold my hand and place a kiss on the middle of my palm. I feel like I'm high on his love right now.

"You're the girl who made me see another side of life. Now I can't see my future without you in it. I admit, you did change me a little bit but I'm still me and you love me" His voice was making my stomach begin to do jumping jacks.

"The reason I've been secretive lately is because I've been thinking about doing this..." He slowly got on a bended knee and my stupid brain took a few seconds to finally make a reaction. I cover my mouth in shock.

"I decided to choose this Sakura ring because the Sakura park is where we first met

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"I decided to choose this Sakura ring because the Sakura park is where we first met. I want us to have an undying love together..." Katsuki hold the wedding ring towards me. Its so beautiful...

"So...Will you marry me?" Hoshi suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I laugh seeing Katsuki trying to push Hoshi away while she attempted to rub herself against Katsuki's leg.

"Stop it! Your ruining the mood!" Katsuki grab Hoshi and threw her further away. Hoshi let out a growl before deciding to take a nap beside the bush.

"Yes" Katsuki stare at me when those three letters came out of my mouth. He blink a couple of times, lost in his thoughts.

"Were you hoping for another answer?" I was obviously playing with him. He smile and I could see some tears in his eyes, happy tears. He got back on his feet and hug me, showering me with kisses.

"No, I wasn't hoping for another answer. I love you so much, so fucking much" Katsuki's voice cracked. Yeah his definitely losing it, I pat his back while he cried silently on my shoulder. There there king explosion murder.

Night time
Hoshi wander around the dining room while I pick up the dirty plates to the sink. This place looks huge. I feel like I'm in a movie right now. It was quiet until my phone starting ringing. I wipe my hand dry before answering whoever called.

"Hello? Y/N?" It was Mable and I was so glad to hear her voice. I put it on speaker so I could wash the dishes while talking to her.

"Yeah I'm here" I could hear her squeal excitedly through the call. Let me guess, something good happened to her and she wants to share it with me.

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