Chapter 136: Seth goes to Far

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Brie stood up to, "How do you know? You have no idea what he's going to do," she pointed towards the gorilla, "If you go out there....."

"I didn't ask you to give me a lecture about this," I interrupted, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a match to get ready for."



Bries jaw dropped in shock, "Your need for revenge is blocking your judgement."

I completely ignored her as I put my headphones back on.

Brie walked over and pulled one headphone out, "When this all comes back to bite you, I can say I told you so."

The side of my headphones banged back into place. I watched her until she had turned the corner.

She doesn't understand, I thought, Shes never been stabbed in the back.

I went back to stretching as I tried pushing the conversation to the back of my head. This match was important to me. Nobody could ruin it for me.


Seth's music hit as the audience erupted into boos. Seth appeared from the curtain a huge smile on his face.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall," Lillian announced, "Introducing first, from Davenport Iowa, Seth Rollins!"

"And we are ready for our main event, ladies and gentlemen," Michael Cole announced.

"The WWE universe has been waiting for this match for a month now," JBL said, "Gabby and Seth."

Seth got in the ring and instantly got a microphone.

The crowd booing increased as Seth stood in the middle of the ring. 'You sold out' chants followed soon after.

Seth started laughing, "Are you guys really still doing this?" he smirked, "I didn't sell out, I bought in!"

The crowds chants got louder.

"Now I know you are all excited for my match tonight, against my good friend, my sister, the beautiful, Gabby Bryan," Seth said, "But before we bring her out here, I have something I want to say..."

Seth paused before continuing, "I don't appreciate the way Dean Ambrose treats Gabby."

The crowd boos.

"Hey, hey, hey," Seth said loudly to talk over the crowd, "I have evidence."

My theme started playing as the crowd cheered. I appeared at the ramp, microphone in my left hand and bat in my left.

"That was rude," Seth said as soon as my theme stopped.

I brought the microphone to my mouth, "I'm not here to talk, Seth. I'm here to fight."

"Well I'm not done talking," Seth said, "And I think that the WWE universe is going to want to hear the flaws in the relationship of Gabby Bryan and Dean Ambrose......"

"Seth!" I exclaimed, "What the hell are you talking about."

"Nobody really knows how you two really got together," Seth said, "The only people that really know other then you two are me and my good pal, Roman Reigns."

"Seth," I said, "Shut your mouth."

"You guys got together on Christmas day," Seth said, then smiled, "That has got to be a good sign, doesn't it?"


Seth started pacing, "You see Gabby, when Andy cheated on you," he said it slowly.

I took a shaky breath.

"When he did that to you, you became a shell of a women," Seth said.

"That's not true," I started walking down the ramp.

"You felt alone. To say the least you felt unloved," Seth said, "You needed someone to fill that little gap in your little heart and what better person to do that then some crazy lunatic who doesn't even think before he acts."

I slid in the ring and held my bat up.

"Hey, don't even think about it!" Seth yelled.

I hesitated.

"You don't love him, Gabby," Seth said, a glare on his face, "You think you do, but you are only fooling yourself."

I put the microphone back to my lips, "I love him."

"Stop lying."

I dropped my bat, "Are we going to fight or not?"

"Hey, hold on," Seth said, "Don't go changing the subject. We still haven't gotten to my surprise."

"I'm sick of your games, Seth," I said.

"Gabby, trust me this is a surprise to die for," Seth said, "And your surprise is actually in this arena, right now."

My eyes started darting back and forth warily. After a while, I spoke again, "Where is it?"

Seth pointed to the front row.

I turned my head slowly towards the crowd.

My eyes widened in fear.


"Who's that?" JBL asked.

"I think that's..... Andy," Cole said.

I right away ran to get out of the ring, but Seth blocked my way.

"Gabby, wait!" Seth yelled in the microphone, "We still have a match!"

I threw my microphone at the ground before yelling at him, "Why would you do this to me!"

Seth put a hand on my shoulder, "You gave me no choice but to make this personal. You should have just said yes, Gabby!"

"Get out of my way!" I screamed.

"This isn't over till you join me," Seth said.

Seth raised the microphone to his mouth, "I need a referee out here!"

"No! Seth can't do this!" Cole yelled as a ref ran down.

Seth tossed the microphone out of the ring before facing me.

I slowly turned to Andy in the crowd. He just smiled back at me.

The ref rang the bell and Seth right away hit me from behind with a forearm to the head.

My brain was buzzing. I couldn't focus on nothing.

I slowly tried to get up, but Seth stopped me right away.

"Curb stomp!" Cole screamed.

I held my head in pain. Seth was about to go for the pin, but stopped.

"Just finish it, Seth!" Cole yelled.

Seth grabbed my bat and stared at it.


Seth slammed me in the back. My face screwed up with pain as the ref rang the bell.

"What was the point of this!" Cole yelled, "This isn't right."

Seth threw the bat from the ring before turning back to me slowly. He pulled his hair back.

Seth knelt down next to me, "Just give up!"

"This was so uncalled for! You've for to agree on this JBL!" Cole yelled.

"You're right, Cole," JBL muttered, "Seth took it to far."
I had to bring Andy back in the fray somehow after he just ran away like the little pansy he is lol. What is Seth going to do next? How will Gabby react after this turn of events? What will Dean do? What part will Andy play in all this?

Money in the Bank is next!

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