Chapter 15

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Ever since niall made me promise to eat better two weeks ago  he has been watching me closely making me eat when i didn't want to which was hardly. i've been hungry a lot recently and very emotional

"babe can we just stay here all day?" louis ask as i throw a shirt on him like a baby cause he is struggling and doesn't want to leave

"no, now quit being a dirty brit and help me dress you" i say annoyed he raised his eyebrow amused

"dirty brit?" he asked and smiles evilly, i nod slowly backing away. he slowly follows me....suddenly i bolt out the door and run into Zayn and harry and grab them to shield me.
harry and zayn look startled when louis comes around the corner and plows into the harshly i burst out laughing when harry and zayn barley budge

"let me get my girlfriend guys" louis whines giving up trying to to me through them i snicker and shake my head

"nope she came to us for protection so she will get it" harry says shoving his chest forward and huffing out large breaths. zayn following suit. finally done with louis puppys eyes glaring at me through zayn and harrys arm i go around harry and jump on him kissing him. 

"boys liam said hurry or we will be late management wants to speak to us" Niall said walking over to the group staring at his phone. when he looks up and sees me on louis he stops walking and looks me in the eyes before turning and walking away. i look down and get off louis

"babe im going to go get dressed ill meet you downstairs" louis says kissing my cheek and walking away. whenever i look up harry and zayn are staring at me questioningly 

"what's wrong with niall?" they both say at the same time. they look at each other weirdly and stared at each other before looking at me 

"i dont know he has been acting like that for a while" i reply and suddenly i had the urge to throw up. i ran to the nearest bathroom and bent over the toilet letting everything i ate out my system. when i was done i noticed a worried zayn holding my hair back and harry standing by the door with the same look. i point to the cabinet the boys look confused

"i have medication in my bag for this" i say through me wincing in pain. the boys nod understandingly harry reaches down and grabs my bag tossing it to zayn who puts it down gently in front of me. picking my body up from the toilet i pick my bag up and unzip it looking for my medication before i touched a box... my eyes got wide i looked down. oh shit. 

the boys see the alarm on my face but couldn't ask me whats wrong before they were all pushed out and down the stairs by liam. i didnt even get a kiss from louis but in this moment i didnt care. i picked myself up off the ground and walked numbly throughout the house not knowing what to do with this information. i need to go to the store to get a test so i can confirm it.

"please god help me" i whisper to myself as im walking through the isle where the test are. when i see them i intake a breath and pick up three test and throwing them in the cart, while i was there i picked up some ice cream and pop. on the way home i was just praying that it wasn't true as i was nervously picking my nails and trying to concentrate on the road. when i made it home i ran upstairs and walked straight into the bathroom not worrying about the ice cream on the counter and popping the test on the counter i took one in my hand till there wasn't one left and walked out the bathroom with my nerves all over the place

it takes three minutes for the test to tell the results so i go downstairs and put the ice cream in the freezer and make me a glass of water with my small shaking hand i sip on my water till the clock says its been three minutes.

walking up the stairs very slowly i began praying, literally.

when i make it to the bathroom and slowly stretch my head to look down at them. i gasp loudly and start crying 

im pregnant.

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