Chapter 14

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When we got home, me and Louis walked upstairs and started making out, the whole atmosphere changed when we admitted our feelings. every emotion we let off was a cry for hunger a cry to be touched and we did just that.

that night i gave everything i had to Louis Tomlinson 

*Next Day*

I woke up completely naked, i blushed and replayed last night's events in my head. im in love with my bestfriend and i made love to my bestfriend. in pure bliss i get up and grab me some clothes from my closet i turn around to catch glimpse of wall that now has a dent in it i snicker to myself and head to the bathroom. 

When im done i throw my hair in a high bun and walk downstairs, the smell of biscuits hits my nose i smile happily and run the kitchen i see Harry making waffles and louis cutting strawberries when he sees me he smiles

"hey babe"

"hey" i say blushing, harry looks at me and grins and winking i blush and look down

"can i have some bacon?" i ask harry 

"no but you can have louis's bacon" harry says cheekily louis burst out laughing and i just pout and sit at the counter still pouting. i guess harry moved on which is good, i dont need him falling for me.
louis walks over placing a plate of waffle, bacon, and strawberries in front of me i smiled graciously and dug in. one meal wont hurt me will it? ill check my weight later

when i was done i felt nasty i looked down at my stomach and ran to the bathroom making myself throw up, there now i wont be fat. i turned around only to bump into Niall i looked up and seen he was concerned and mad. i just look down. shit he caught me.

"Jessica" Niall says softly i look up and began to feel tears in my eyes 

"this isn't okay, why?" Niall said heartbroken and just like that  i broke down and looked at my stomach. niall pushed me and him in the bathroom and locked the door. he lifted my chin up and stared in my eyes harshly

"why are you doing this? do you know that this will hurt louis and it hurts me ?" he says before moving his hand and turning toward the mirror and signing

i touch his arm and he flinches making me withdraw my arm and look down, i start sobbing putting my hands in my hands. i feel Niall pull me into him trying to quiet my sobs so the others don't hear me.

" Jessica you are no where near fat, you don't need to lost weight you are small enough as it is. i don't want you to do this to yourself because in the long run it will get worse and you could hurt yourself. i won't tell louis but you will have to promise you will stop and start eating" niall says stroking my hair. i nod through my tears

"i promise, im sorry"

"it's ok" i sat there for another minute before getting up and splashing water on my face 

"you should go before the boys get worried about us" i say turning around putting both hand behind me on the sink he stands up and walks over and grabs the door handle. when i look up his face is really close to mine and i smell his mint toothpaste. staring at him he breathes out before he looks down 

"your beautiful jessica" he whispers before walking out the bathroom and not looking back. i stand there regaining my composure, once im ready i walk out and run to the couch and plop down on louis ruffling his hair. he gives me a goofy smile and starts making out with me

"hey we are sitting here and don't want to see you guys having sex, like yall did last night okay" Avery says, i didnt even knw she was here. i jump off louis and jump on Avery before slapping my hand on her mouth before the boys could see and began 'making out' with her i could hear the boys gasp and i felt louis grab me by the waist. me and Avery burst out laughing i felt a burst of joy flow within my body when louis sits me down i see all the boys shocked expressions and started laughing harder

"guys... i was... faking it" i said through laughs they all looked relieved and continued on with what they were doing. i smiled and looked around loving each quality about these boys when i looked at niall he was already looking at me with his big blue beautiful eyes. i looked away and kissed Louis nose before getting up and walking away and going to lay down

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