17 | Baby Blues

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"I hate you

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"I hate you."

"I know."

"No words can describe how much I loathe you."

"Yes, I realized that long ago."

"I despise you."


"I abhor you."

"Wow, it seems like you've been reading the thesaurus. I applaud you, Talia, I really d--"


"Ow! Jesus, I've already had one concussion! I don't need another from you slamming my head into the damn steering wheel!"

"You deserved that, you prick!"

Maybe that had been a bit harsh, but I was beyond pissed that he'd told his family I was pregnant. Really, how stupid was he? Now that his family thought I was pregnant, my family was bound to find out as well. That certainly wasn't a conversation I was looking forward to, seeing as teen pregnancy wasn't exactly something my family smiled upon.

Violent thoughts ripped through my mind while we drove, positively fuming as he made his way out of Georgetown and onto one of the bridges that led to Virginia. It wasn't until we were halfway across did I think to ask where the hell we were going.

"I told you, we're spending the night at Michael's house," he clarified. However, my confused look prompted him to continue. "He lives in Alexandria."

My eyes widened, as Alexandria, Virginia was a bit of a drive from here. To think that Michael came from the suburbs to the middle of Georgetown everyday -- and in rush hour traffic at that -- was crazy.

"He lives out there and goes to school here?" I asked, unable to believe anyone would want to drive that far just to go to school every day.

Sebastian shrugged and kept his eyes on the road. "He doesn't really seem to care. Besides, whenever he doesn't feel like going all the way back to his house, he just stays at mine. One of the guest rooms is reserved just for him."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm surprised you two don't share a bedroom."

While I had expected him to shoot me a nasty look and an even nastier retort, Sebastian merely laughed. "Think what you want, sweetheart, but just remember, you shared a bed with me last time, not him."

An involuntary shiver went down my spine at his words. "Yeah, and because of that, your entire family thinks I'm preg--"

The shrill sound of my phone ringing interrupted the thought and I swore when I saw the name on the screen.

"What do you want, Jude?"

"You're pregnant!" he screeched, forcing me to jerk my head away from the phone to keep my eardrum from bursting. "Why didn't you tell me? This is important information!"

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