chapter 13

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*Two weeks later*

Louis and the boys only have a month left and me and Avery have been getting super depressed over it. Liam finally asked Avery out a week ago by brining her a puppy home with a note asking her to be his after their date. i was their designated photographer according to liam 

me and louis have been strong for the past weeks but only problem is Niall i have been trying to push my feelings for him away because i love Louis. Every time he looks at me there is something there, i love louis and im trying to make this relationship work

"babe?" louis said waving his hand in front of my face i snap out of it and blush i have been doing that a lot..


"do you want to go on a date tonight?" louis ask playing with my hair on my bed. of courseeee babbyyy why such a stupid question i fangirl to myself

"yes of course" i say without embarrassing myself, he kisses me and gets up and throws a shirt on i pout and tug at his shirt

"im going to set up for tonight \, then ill take my shirt off again" he said smugly and smiling. i blush because that's not what i meant when i was pulling his shirt i just wanted him to lay down. pervert.

"ill be back"

"ok lou" i lay down and grab my phone while louis walks out the room and text Avery about my date two minutes later she is in my room and shoved me in a chair and started curling my hair

"are you mental?" i ask and laughing

"maybe.." she says narrowing her eyes i shrug and let her do her thing . soon enough i'm dressed in this

i walk over to the mirror and i look amazing, i turn around and tackle Avery in a hug she shrieks so loud i got a headache

"WHAT?" i shout looking around, soon enough all the boys were knocking on the door asking if we are ok

"i didn't want you mess up you hair" i burst out laughing and tell the boys we are fine i heard them walk away and i look back at my best friend 

"how are you and Liam?" i ask she blushes and looks down

"oh my he is fantastic boyfriend, he is such a gentleman when he opens the door for me or moves my seat for me to sit in" she gushes happily. i'm so happy for her she deserves this especially since all the stuff i put her through 

"oh crap i forgot, Louis told me to walk outside at 5:30 and it is the time so gooooo" she says as she is pushing me down the stairs all the boys are down their waiting but louis. when i come into view all jaw drops beside liam he just smiles and takes Avery's small hand and helps her down the stairs. Niall rushes over and helps me down the stares i blush when he grabs my hand and i let go when i hop off the last step. i give them each a kiss on the cheek and walk out the door seeing a limo. i gasp and look behind me seeing all the boys smiling including Avery. i run as much as i can in these heels and pounce in the limo in happiness. looking around i see pictures all in the seat, all of them were from mine and louis childhood and some from now. i look at one picture and almost burst into tears. the picture had me holding louis hand and holding arm while he smiles widely at the camera that was taken the day before he left and i was in love with him then but not as much as i am now. when the limo stopped i hopped out seeing louis standing at the entrance of a museum for musical arts i gasp.. i have always wanted to go here

"hey love, you look amazing" louis compliments as he comes over grabbing my hand, he's dressing in a black and white tux and might i add at the sight of him my heart leaped out of my chest.

"thank you, thank you, thank y-"

"your welcome love" he cuts me off and kisses my cheek. we walk over to the door and walk in i see we are the only ones here and look at louis with alarm did we sneak in here

"it's ok i rented the place out" louis said noticing my alarmed face and strokes my cheek. i smile and close my eyes, every time he touches me my stomach flips. he turns around looping our arms and walks me to a painting called 'the musical lesson"

the rest of the night was beautiful, at the museum louis explained all the paintings to me even though i knew about most of them anyways i just wanted to hear his voice so i let him talk. now we are walking down the street the house because it is nice out

"Jessica i love you" louis blurts out of no where, i abruptly stop and blush. louis stops and turns to me and looks at my reaction. Im shocked and louis looks scared we probably look like i just found out he was cheating to other people to haha. okay quit talking to yourself and respond

"i love you to" i say snapping myself out of my inner thoughts. louis smiles widely and laughs picking me up and spinning me around in circles im bursting out laughing and wishing i could always be this happy, but a part of me in the back of my head keeps asking what about Niall?

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