Day 1 • 2. Gay?

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His first day as Arthisia went perfectly. Almost too perfect.

He finished his first load of work early, which was pretty amazing considering the huge distraction in front of him.

Currently, that distraction was flirting with a girl that Arthit recognized as Maprang.

26 years old. Loves dogs and make-up. Kongpob's secretary.

That was all Arthit knew about her. Arthisia wrote that Maprang was new and began to work as Kongpob's secretary just 2 weeks ago. His sister said she was a nice girl though.

Still, Arthit disliked her. He knew it was fucking childish, but he couldn't help himself.

Just look at her laughing in her sexy mini skirt. Really did they have them shorter than that? Pff.

And just look at Kongpob... Was that drool on his chin? Did Kongpob like those slutty types of girls? Ok, that was low. He'll take that back. Maprang didn't appear to be a slut.

Ugh, he felt so pathetic. But seeing the man again just messed him up! And he had only just started this undercover job.



Suddenly, May stood in front of him. Where did she come from?

"I've been calling out to you for the past 2 minutes. What are you looking at?"


"Are you...Are you checking out the boss?!" she asked with a big smile.

"What?! Of course not! That's absurd!" Arthit nearly shouted.

"Jeez, what's with your voice, girl? You really got some serious case of a sore throat or not?"

Arthit forgot that he should whisper and keep his voice down. Stupid!

"Sorry," he said. "It's ok. My voice is hoarse but my throat doesn't hurt that much."

"It's ok. So, anyway... What I called you for is that you're on break."

"Ok, thanks. You too?"

"No, sadly not. Cause Wad is sick, we have to take breaks separately. Maybe Prae can go with you."

Prae, 28 years old. Works in another department. Sings in a band. Lesbian. Has a new girlfriend every week.


Arthit put his heels on and clumsily walked outside to order something in the cafeteria.

The office was on the first floor but there were many other companies located in the same big building. It was a busy happening in the cafeteria. Kinda like school again.

Arthit had to admit that he kinda liked the ambiance.

Just as he wanted to take a bite of lunch, someone put another tray on the table and sat opposite him. A bowl with soup, noodles, and meatballs.

The person was no other than Kongpob.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Oh...uh...h-hello, Mr. Suthiluck. No, n-not at all."

The spoon in his hand began to tremble so Arthit quickly put it back on his plate.

Kongpob stayed quiet and Arthit could just feel his stare, so he looked up, straight into the other's beautiful twinkling eyes.

"Is something wrong?" he then asked.

"No, How many times should I say that you should call me Kongpob. You know I hate al these formalities."

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