~I got that lunch time lunch time sadness~

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By now it was lunch and Alfred wanted to run. He hated going to the cafeteria and sitting there. He was a lamb being left for the slaughter! It's not like he even ate anything-he was just  there to be there! Alfred whimpered and stared ahead nervously when Romano walked over,

"Oi, bastard." He said and looked at Alfred, who was woefully staring at the door "Cmon, we eat lunch in the newspaper club room." He nodded for Alfred to follow. His eyes went wide for a few minutes before he quickly rushed after. He didn't know what came over him, but anything was better than being in there and being ridiculed. Alfred never ate lunch, or breakfast. He only ate dinner. It was his new diet regimen. If he ate nothing, he'd never gain weight! Alfred loved it. He enjoyed the idea of getting thinner and he craved to be perfect yet nothing was working. He wasn't loosing weight-he wasnt shedding the pounds away. It was all still there, there and more. He absolutely hated himself. As he dove deeper into his pool of self loathing, Alfred pondered why he was still alive-why wasnt he six feet under? Why wasn't he staining the sidewalk? Why wasn't he dead? Alfred craved it more than anything-really. He just wanted it to be over, yet it wasn't and he wondered why. Alfred stopped and kept his head down. Lovino noticed and paused, speaking up

"Why are you-" Alfred cut him off,

"Why did you guys stop me?" He asked in a hollow voice "I really don't deserve it, you should've let me go. It would've been better for everyone." Alfred  tightly gripped his bandaged arm as tears threatened to fall from his eyes, "I really am useless...I'm not worth keeping around..." Alfred hiccuped.

Lovino opened his mouth to say something but instead simply hugged Alfred, holding him close and rubbing his back "It'll get better..." he simply comforted instead of answering Alfred's question. The blue eyed boy broke down into tears as he held onto Lovino.

"When? When will it stop hurting?" He bellowed as fat, ugly tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Soon," Lovino softly said "it'll stop soon..."
An: hey my dudes, sorry for the shit updating schedule for the past few weeks I've had like four tests every Wednesday so I've had hardly anytime to write. I'm doing my best and I hope you enjoy what little I managed to make every week. It'll get longer once I have more time to update. Hopefully school will fuck off soon thank you for your patience 💕

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