Chapter 5

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(Your POV)

You fell over the edge of the bed,hitting your head as you fall to the floor making a loud 'thump'.Claude came up to you and pinned you to the wall with one hand and covered your mouth with the other."I'm sorry but my master ordered me to do this."Claude said as you noticed he had a napkin with chloroform on it.You grew weak and started losing your vision."Y/N!!!"Your father yelled running in the room as you blacked out.Claude picked you up and jumped out the window with you in his arms.
You woke up in the room you were In last time."w-what?"You asked your self out loud while holding your head as a head ache came.Claude walked in the room with a cup."Stay away from me...."You demanded but as always Claude didn't say anything."This tea should calm you down M'Lady."Claude said to you while setting the tea down on the table next to the bed."I don't want it."You said stubbornly.You looked away from Claude crossing your arms."I'm sorry...."You heard Claude say.The emo,quiet and perverty Claude said sorry.You looked up at Claude and saw the look in his eyes."You really are sorry....."You said a smile creeping up on your face."I forgive you."You said getting up and hugging him.You can tell Claude was surprised that you hugged him."It's okay Claude,we all make father used to tell me every time I got in trouble at Uncle Satan's house."You said calmly and smiling.Claude finally hugged back.Alois came running in the room and ran directly to you and jumped on top of you making you fall."H-Hey get off of me."You yelled."sorry."Alois said rubbing the back of his head blushing."Y/N will you eat dinner with me...."Alois asked you getting off of you."uhhhh,I'm not in the mood to eat and in case you don't know.....demons don't need to eat."You said sitting on the bed."oh okay."Alois said sadly.You sighed."Fine I'll eat dinner with you,but can't the servants eat with us?"You asked not wanting to be in a room with him alone.
You and Alois was in a dinning room waiting for every one else to come."you sat down at the table and placed your head on it."Lady Michaelis."Hannah called out to you.Your head snapped up as you heard your name."Oh hi Hanna."You said standing saw the triplets whispering to each other than one whispered to Claude."My Lady you are not wearing the proper attire for dinner."Claude said flatly.You looked down and saw you were in a thin nightgown that was see through with no corset and only panties.You quickly covered the top half of your body."D-DADDDDYYY!!!"You yelled very furious."You female demons can yell louder than male demons."Claude said uncovering Alois' ears.You and Hannah snapped your heads towards Claude."THATS NOT TRUE."You and Hannah snapped."ahh indeed it isn't true,because you see all women are like that."You heard you father say.You turned around to see him standing by an open window."Did you call me sweetie."Your father said to you."What is this."you said gesturing to your body."Ahh yes,you had a very high fever so I had Mey-Rin put you in comfortable clothes."He said."Yeah but she doesn't have clothes like this."You said."I bought them because they came with cute kitty slippers."he said looking at you feet."Dad."You said embarrassed."I wonder what Ciel would think after hearing this."You said running and jumping out the window."Y/N wait...."Alois said."I'll make it up to you Alois I promise."You yelled back.

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