2 - Starting Off Fresh

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Being Nicks sister maybe wasn't as bad as you thought. He's calm most of the time, but when you piss him off he says stuff like fu-

*DING* *DING* *DING* *D-* (this goes on forever)

I reach over to your phone and see...

@dreamwastaken2 has followed you!
@sapnap followed you back!
@Dream has followed you!
@georgenotfound has followed you!
@tubbolive has followed you!
@fundylive has followed you!
@wilbursoot has followed you!
@jschlatt has followed you!

And finally;

@TommyInnit has followed you!

Why did my heart skip a beat? What's this feeling in my stomach?

@tommyinnit has messaged you!

Oh gosh. Here we go. (A/N: this dm thing will take a long time to set up..)


Hey Tommy!

I had fun talking to you, it took me a while to find your twitter. Had to beg sapnap to tell me

"Beg? For my twitter?"

Hey well at least now you have it?

You make a good point, woman.

Women are just so much smarter than men like you

So you agree I'm a man? POGCHAMP

You know what, sure why not. You're a man

@tommyinnit has tagged you in a post!

I just let out the ugliest laugh ever. He did not just tweet that. (Indigo is your online persona btw)

TOMMYS POVIt was my first time tweeting at y/n, and it blew up instantly

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It was my first time tweeting at y/n, and it blew up instantly. Normally I'm okay with the blowing up, but I tweeted it 2 seconds ago and it's already at 4K? And increasing by the second? She's getting me clout, and nobody even knows her.

"Tommy! Come down for dinner!"

I kinda didn't want to go eat, I just wanted to sit here talking to y/n. I got weird feelings in my stomach when I talked to her. I liked them though. I liked her. What am I saying? I don't even know her. I'll vc her tomorrow.

I ate dinner and ran straight back to my pc, all i wanted to do was talk to her.

hey sorry i went to go eat dinner

no worries cutie,  i went to eat as well :)

i set my phone down after that. she called me cute, and it got me those butterflies again. oh crap. it's already 1AM

hey y/n sorry to break our conversation short but it's really late here, vc tomorrow?

for sure! sleep well tommy <3

goodnight ❤️

Time skip to morning / Y/N POV

it was weird knowing that i was friends with THE tommyinnit. i mean, i watched him as a fan, and now in his friend?

class starts soon, so i opened my laptop up. then i remembered. wasn't i going to talk to Nick about a pc? what would mom say... she'd probably think it was a waste of money. she was never supportive about Nick starting his streaming career. is that why he moved away at 18? these thoughts will be the death of me.

"Hey, Nick?"
"Hey Y/N what's up?"
"I was thinking, would it be a good idea if i started saving up money for the PC? i can buy it myself, an-"
"Y/N, as your big brother Nick, i'll help you out with the money if you need! but what's with the sudden urge to get the PC? didn't you say you'd get it next month?"

i didn't want to lie, but i didn't want to tell him it was because i wanted to stream with tommy. and tubbo. and maybe wilbur. maybe fundy! purpled seems like a good one to collab with too!

"I'll be honest Nick, i really want to get new friends, and getting a PC could help me! im already mutuals with tommy!"
"Tommy... ;)"
"Shut up Nick, it's not like that."

You whispered to yourself: "Yet""Y/N, don't even worry, i'll get you that PC."

i smiled with glee. i could actually play with tommyinnit! i went back to my laptop, smiling to my thoughts the whole way. even my teacher wondered why i was so smiley. but i'm getting a PC soon, that's all that i could think.

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