Any Alpha would be worried. 

"W-Were they mates?" 

"They were. Except they were killed differently." 

"What do you mean?"

He sighs, "I don't know much right now, I need Jaxon to come with all the documents." 

Speak of the devil. 

I heard a car door slam, and seconds later the door bell ring. Hunter nearly jogged to the door. When he got there, Hunter let Jaxon in but grabbed the papers from his hands before even saying hi.

As I walked down the last steps of the stairs, my eyes connected with Jaxons. Instead of speaking, I just smiled, in which he gave a short nod. 

"Is this it?" Hunter asked in his serious mode.

"That's it." 

Both Hunter and Jaxon walked towards the dining room, sitting down and staring at some papers. 

"What is that?" I ask, also sitting down. 

Hunter looked up from his papers, I expected him to be angry or annoyed since I was including myself with them. However, that wasn't the case. 

"It was one male, one female. Mates, just had a 3 year old little boy. They were on their way to the park when attacked, by the time anyone found them, both adults were dead, the child crying endlessly on the floor." 

I was shocked. How could people be so cruel? 

"The guy, he had many wounds on his body, looks like he was beaten to death."

"The grin on the other hand, she has black spots all over her skin." 

"Like.. On the outside? Or was it inner?" 

"It was like black veins popping out, but in random spots. We've never seen anything like it. It wasn't even some weird disease. Other than a common headache, a werewolf is immune to any other sickness." Jaxon was the one who informed me more about what happened. 

"Then what is it? How did the person kill them?" 

"We're considering a type of drug." 

"For a werewolf?" 

"Well, if it killed one, then yes. Whoever these people are, they're not playing games. They're going straight for the neck." 

"Maybe not." Hunter spoke up, taking my note and tossing it over to Jaxon.

Beta Jaxon read it over,his face furrowing. 

"Roses are lying. What does that mean?" 

"I don't know." I mean sure, I lied to Greg about us being mates, but that has nothing to do with this creepy stalker. 

"Well, at least now we know who the killer is. We should have never trusted him." Hunter nodded in agreement to his Beta's words. 

"Wait, you know who did it, who?" 


My features froze, my mouth hanging slightly open.

"You're joking, right? Greg didn't kill those people. I thought we already went through this. You banished Greg, I proved he was innocent, and now he's supposed to be left alone."

"And how exactly did you prove he was innocent?" Hunter asked, his face showing no emotion. 

"He- He. I mean, I-" I was at a loss for words, my mind completely blanking. 

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