A Serpent and His Rose [I'm Not Your Girl]

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A faint sound broke through your dreams before you felt the object supporting your head jerk away quickly. The back of your head fell backward and hit an extremely hard object.

"Ouch!" you yelled, opening your eyes to blinding light and immediately shutting them again.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" Draco asked as you squinted up at him. You took the hand he offered and got up huffily.

"No I am NOT okay!" you said, swiping your hand away as soon as you balanced yourself. You rubbed your head, making sure no blood was present.

"It was my fault! I didn't expect to see you two here, and I woke him with a start!" You looked to see Kasey, who seemed to be the first Slytherin ready that morning.

"Enough! Kasey, help!" you squealed, motioning for her to follow you. You walked quickly through the common room, Kasey at your heels.


"Not now, Malfoy!" you yelled angrily as Kasey fussed behind you, apologizing profusely.

"I'm sure it will just be a bruise. No one will see though right? Your hair is over it!" she said quickly. You examined your skull thoroughly.

"I suppose..." you muttered, rubbing it.

It just hurts so bad!!


Hey! Rude...

"Hey, why were you laying with Draco Malfoy?" she asked suddenly in her curious, gossipy tone.

"We were locked out."

"Where did you and he run off to so late last night that caused you to get locked out?" she pried, thoroughly interested.

"Did I grant an interview?!" You asked snottily. She immediately shut up.

You're mean.

Please! If I left it up to you then we wouldn't be the Princess of Slytherin! Besides, it's not mean. It's assertive.

It's mean.

What did you just say?!


You pulled your trunk open and took out a pair of shorts, a button up shirt, a bikini and your gray chucks. You were fully going to take advantage of this beautiful Saturday, the last one of your vacation and probably the last sunny day until spring. You hummed a song while getting ready. Showering and using your favorite shampoo and body wash, both smelling of vanilla. When you finished you dressed, putting on some light make up to look beachy and straightening your hair, letting it fall over your shoulders. You examined yourself in the mirror before going back down to the common room.

"Somebody's a drama queen." Draco said. He too showered and changed and was now sitting on the couch with a book.

"Oh Draco, you learned to read!" you replied with a sweet smile. He rolled his eyes and looked back down at the book. You sat on the armchair closest to the fire and stared at the wall.

I hate waiting!! Why did I tell Tammy I'd wait for her this morning?!

You don't have to wait for her. She's rather annoying actually.

Remember when we were talking about how you have no friends?

What about it?!?!

Never mind.

"What are you reading?" you asked curiously.

"A book." he muttered, turning a page.

"No, seriously!" you said, getting up and hopping onto the couch next to him.

"Seriously?" He looked at the book really hard. "Ha!" he said, waving it dramatically in your face. "It IS a book!"

"Ha ha." you said, grabbing the book from in front of your face.

"Don't! I'll lose my place!" he said, pulling it back. You rolled your eyes and sat back against the couch, picking at your shorts. Suddenly there was a bang of a door slamming open and feet running down stairs. You looked up to find Justin running frantically out into the common room with his friend Lance in hot pursuit. Justin stopped right in front of the couch and turned to face Lance.

"L-Look m-man..." he stuttered, his eyes darting as he searched for an escape route. Lance’s eyes gleamed with rage. He said a spell and Justin jumped out of the way quickly, leaving you an open target behind him. You shrieked and jumped up as your chest was sprayed with green goo. Not sure what it was or if it was harmful, you immediately threw your shirt off and made sure nothing was on your body. Glad nothing was, you glared up at Lance, who had an expression of shock and fear.

"S-s-orry..." He began. You held up your hand.

"Don't. Say. Anything." you said menacingly. He shrunk away from you and slowly back up to the boy's dorms. You looked down at Justin with a Death Glare and he did the same.

OoOo!! I'm so powerful!

Thanks to me.

You turned around and sat back down on the couch in a huff, completely unaware of Draco staring at you.

"Do I have anything in my hair?" you asked, examining what you could see.

"Huh?" Draco asked dumbly.

"My hair." you said.

"Yeah..." you heard.

"What's wrong with you?" you asked, turning to him. His eyes snapped up to meet yours. You realized that he was staring at your body the entire time, you now only in a bikini top and shorts. "Like what you see?" you asked, leaning back and crossing your legs to compliment them. His eyes widened and then his smirk returned.

"As a matter of fact, yes." He said smoothly.

"Would it be better if I told you that being a dancer has made me very... flexible." you said seductively. This caught him off guard and you saw his hand tighten on the armrest.

You have to admit, it's fun to make him go crazy like that!

Yes... but it's sooooo mean!



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