Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Julie's POV

I grew excited about the whole summer working towards saving the mansion. And it wasn't going to be such a bad thing having Peter for my boss. The city was delaying the demolition, and offered to let him use the mansion itself as a head quarters until it was officially off the list of destruction.

The offices were now set up in one of the top bedrooms of the mansion. Peter had gotten his people into action, and they were in here fast with different furniture, desks, and even set up one of the smaller rooms as a break room. My office was next to Peter's. I still couldn't believe he was going to have me be in the master bedroom. It was just too big for an assistant, or maybe it had been a test. I wasn't sure still. He was turning into be a weird boss, but awesome to work for.

I was at my desk next door to his office when I heard his voice come through on speakerphone. "Julie, do you have that list of contractors? I want to see who was in charge of demolishing the guesthouse. It's a shame. It may have to be rebuilt. They didn't quite get most of the things out of the way they should have, and left nothing for us to work with."

I hurried over with my laptop under my arm, and faced him in front of his desk. I held out a copy of the list. "Here you go. I've got a list of gardeners as well. I think it must have been pretty spectacular when this place was all fixed up. I heard the gardens were amazing."

"And they will be again, as soon as we find the right gardeners. I have a few in mind too."

He took the list from me, and gestured for me to sit down. "I know you have finals this week, so I won't keep you long. But something has come up that we need to discuss."

Every time Peter focused on me, I had to make sure I kept doing deep breaths. It was hard having a hot-looking boss. I focused on keeping my laptop ready for notes. "Ok. What is it you need Mr. Mason?"

"I might need you for some more hours in the day, from part to full time, mostly during the summer. I'll be having contractors and designers coming in, and they'll need to have someone show them around. I'll most likely not be able to be here, since I have other projects. But I'll need to know that I'll have someone here full time to keep the project moving."

"No problem. As soon as I wrap up my Science final tomorrow, I'm free for the summer. Then, I'm all yours." Oh crap. That just slipped out. "I'll be dedicated to the mansion from then on out."

"Good. I'm glad I can count on you."

His words sent a flutter through me. "I'm glad you think so."

"I know so. You're one of the best assistants I've had yet. What's your major again?"

"I'm still kind of undecided. I'm only in my second year. So, I'm trying to find my niche."

"This could be it Julie. You seem to have a knack for organization and restoring buildings. I could use someone like you full time."

I was stunned. I'd never really been good at anything. Most of the time I was stumbling through life, just to get through it. High school I just went to class, because I had to. I'd rather be lost in a good book, going to places and decades I could only imagine. Sometimes I thought I'd been born in an earlier time, and just missed it. It felt good to hear I was good at something.

"Thank you. I do enjoy bringing this old place back to life. It's very rewarding to see its breath be brought back into it."

"Exactly." His eyes started to light up. A passion radiated from him as he continued to speak. "It is like breathing life back into the building. The house starts to reform back into its old self. It's almost like it's reborn." I'd never seen him so on fire before.

God, he was sexy this way. I was drawn into his passion, leaning forward from the chair. His black hair fell slightly down his forehead, while he continued. "The plans I have for this place will be the most I've done so far."

"So, where do we start?" I looked at him; my reading glasses perched on my nose, waiting for instruction. I hoped I looked like the best damn, assistant he'd ever had. I was hoping to prove I was needed. If my hunch was right, this could be my future career.

Peter's POV

I was so connected with Julie's interest in the project. She seemed to share my passion for it as I did. It was something that was hard to find in the people I worked with. My Dad had it, this burning desire to renew something back to life. She was becoming more a valuable an asset besides just something pretty to look at.

"Starting is always the hard part. We got the report the foundation is in good shape. So the next step would be to start evaluating what needed to be done over and what could be restored. The contractors will be able to go through and tell us that. So, it's going to be a few weeks before work would be able to start. But that's where you step in."

Her rapt attention with her glasses made me pause. Sometimes her blue eyes would hold my attention and I'd forget my thought. She had stunning eyes. "And, I've got to get back to my other project in Boston. So, you'll have to hold down the fort, or mansion rather, until I get back."

"You're leaving? We just got set up." Her pout was making me regret having to leave.

"Yes, I'm going to have to. I was just here for a few weeks to set up this project. I've got to return to Boston to check on the project I've started there. But with you here guiding this one, I can finally be able to leave."

There was an audible sigh as she replied, "All right. Tell me what I'll need to do."

I liked that. "Good, I appreciate that taking the initiative. I'll call and check on the progress of course, and a schedule of when each contractor will be coming to inspect. I'll give you a full list before I leave, and you'll just need to follow it and keep things on schedule. Should anything come up, you can always call."

She was typing my instructions as I spoke, bending in by the shoulders. I wondered if her confidence was shrinking. "Don't worry Julie. I have confidence in you. You can do this."

She perked up at that. "Thank you Mr. Mason."

"Remember, you can call me Peter."

Her smile was reward for enough to regret going back to Boston.

***End of Part 4***

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