I wake up to the scent of cigarettes and mint. I slowly turn my head only to see the face of Andy. He lies there, breathing evenly. He looks so young when he sleeps. Then again, doesn't everybody? I lay my head back down on his chest and snuggle closer. His arm tightens around my waist and a smile finds my face. I'm so glad he's sleeping or else he would see how much of an idiot I look like right now. I gently trace the tattoo on his chest. Its of a dragonfly, and it's in a heart. I wonder why he picked that, I think. While I trace his tattoo over and over again, I feel a hitch in his breathing. If he's awake then he will notice that I'm still not clothed. I look up at him, "Are you awake yet, Andy?" No answer. Instead, his breathing evens back out. It must have been a dream or something. I can't go back to sleep, so instead I study him. His pale face and the stubbles on his upper lip. My eyes linger a bit at his lips, a lip ring on his bottom lip. I want to kiss him forever when I see it.

    Out of instinct, I press my lips to his and another hitch goes to find his breathing. I pull away, afraid that I scared him, but I stead, I feel his arms pull me back. The cold lip ring dances on my lips and I melt into the kiss. I pull away and I'm met with his eyes. Those electric blue eyes that have the ability to suffocate me every time I see them. His pupils dialate for a second before stilling. He scans my body and smiles, "You are beautiful, Val." I forgot to go get dressed. He just simply chuckles at my embarrassment, "Go get dressed. You look like a tomato. Unless you want round two..." He wiggles his eyebrows at the word 'two'. He tries to pull me back down for a kiss, but I'm too fast for him. I jump off of the couch and straight up to my room. No clothes. I totally forgot I left them outside. There are some next to the couch, but they are dirty. Uggh why does life hate me so much? I walk downstairs still wrapped in the comforter I pulled out for us last night. I see my clothes are gone and so is Andy. I walk to the door and look out the window. And there, are my clothes, "ANDY!!!!" He yanks the covers off of me and I scream as he runs off with them. I sprint to the bathroom upstairs and realize its locked. I go to my room and its locked. I try every door but they are all locked, that is, until I get to Andy's room. I find myself grinning like a psychopath as I enter. I close the door behind me and I realize this one doesn't have a lock. I run through the bat cave and fly into Andy's bed. His fault, I say in my head. I cover up in the blankets and sit there. I see pictures and a lighter on the bedside table. The pictures of Juliet Simms and Scout Taylor Crompton.

    The events from last night replay in my head as I try not to cry. Andy driving Sammi home. Me finding the photos. Me cutting my arm open. Andy hitting me. Him promisinge never to do that again. Us. I hear the door open and I hold the covers tighter around me and Andy jumps on me, "I thought you would accept the invitation for round two babe." He is scaringe right now and he must have seen it because he gets off of me and walks to his dresser. His skinny jeans a little ripped at the knees, his All Time Low t shirtdown to his hips. He pulls out some clothes and tosses them to me, "Roomies from now on." Is all he says while he leaves.

    I look at the clothes and notice they are so.e that he bought me a little bit back. I put them on and notice how small I have gotten after a week out of the hospital. My stomach growls as I smell bacon. I fix my hair and makeup in his bathroom and brush my teeth. As I walk down the stairs, the smell become.s overwhelming. I run to the kitchen and sneak up on Andy. I jump on his back at he grabs orange juice from the refridgerator. He screams but throws me over his shoulder, "Shut up and enjoy the bacon I'm making for you." How do you eat bacon that is being cooked? He sets down a plate of bacon and kisses my nose as he sneaks a piece of it off of my plate. I frown at him and he sits down next to me, "You need to eat something, baby girl. You can't starve yourself to death. If you die, I'm not waiting here. I will follow you anywhere. Now please, eat." He knows that black veil brides is my favorite band and I would never want them to break up. He's playing his card. I just slump down in defeat as I pick up a piece of bacon. I can almost hear him smiling as I take a bite of it. Its really good, but I don't think I can eat all of it. I get through about seven pieces of bacon when I rush to the bathroom. I throw up in the toilet as I feel Andy hold my hair back. When I'm done, I rinse my face and brush my teeth. I decide to go get a pregnancy test, just to make sure. This time I'm going to bring Andy, because I'm going to male that bastard pay for what he did. I shout to Andy, "HEY BABY, WILL YOU GO WITH ME TO GET A TEST?"

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