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Mickey: "Okay so the next one will be a little bit different, but good."

It was night time as we see a lone car driving down a lone road. In the car was none other then an older looking Whitely Schnee driving. in the car with him was a white haired man in an all black uniform and a blindfold. His hair was defying gravity by going upwards.

Weiss and Winter both was surprised seeing their little brother.

"It seems like Whitely grew up well." Winter said with a small smile. 

"We have some time before your appointment with the principle. do you want to stop anywhere?" Whitely asked.

"No thanks, I'll surprise him by showing up early  for a change." said the man who voice was recognized as Jaune.

Looking out the window Jaune sensed something and asked Whitley to stop and go on ahead. 

"Your going to hit me if I drive away without you, aren't you." Asked Whitely with a slight fear in his voice.

"He wouldn't dare." Winter said as she had an ice cold aura. She may not be as close as her and Weiss , but she cared for him. The same could be said for Weiss even if she finds him annoying.

"Just what type of person you think I am?" Ask Jaune making the other one sigh in relief as he drove away.

As Jaune watched him go he finally called out the presence he felt from before. "Alright."

not even a moment later the presence from before attacked  him from above. Jaune effortlessly dodged, but the sheer impact level the concrete road. The presence before him was some type of monster in human form. It was wearing human clothes, but what set it apart from a human was if blue and dark ash colored skin. It's head resembled a volcano, but its most notable feature was its One large red eye which emitted killing intent.

"I see. Who are you, then?" Jaune asked only to be answered as the monster swung his arm. Next to Jaune the wall changed as a volcano appeared and shot molten lava at him without giving him a chance to dodge.

"Jaune!" many in the crowd shouted.

Thinking he killed Jaune the monster began to laugh. "That was a whole lot easier than I expected it to be." Only for him to be surprised as the dust settled. In front of him was some sort of barrier as the heat from his attacked faded away making him slightly angry.

"So then. Just who are you calling ''easy''?" said Jaune as he stood completely unharmed.

"What a pain in the ass."

'He's a cursed spirit, but he can communicate clearly. And the sheer amount of cursed energy he just unleashed. An unregistered special-grade? He likely even stronger than Sukana currently is.' Jaune thought remember a Sukana possessed Adrian.

"Special-grades are classified as such because they are special. Having them pop up this frequently throws everything off." Jaune said a little annoyed. making the curse smile sadistically.  

"Aw, don't tell me I wounded your pride?" it taunted as it got in a stance.

Cracking his knuckles Jaune smiled. "No, I'm starting to enjoy this."

"So you think this will be fun , do you? No sense of danger? None at all?" The curse said as insect kept shooting out of his head.

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