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“Brownie Points”

After the great response across multiple sites I finished “Brownie Points”, it’s good for a laugh to brighten your day, #Funny and a #MustRead all that for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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Thanks a bunch for all the follows and great support.

Table of Contents

Chapter  1. Introduction (Testimonials)

Chapter 2. What are “Brownie Points”

Chapter 3. How to collect “Brownie Points”

Chapter 4. Why collect “Brownie Points”

Chapter 5. How the “Brownie Point” system works

Chapter 6.   The “Brownie Point” Fairy

Chapter 7.   When to use your “Brownie Points”

Chapter 8.   Losing some or ALL of your “Brownie Points”

Chapter 9.   Living without “Brownie Points”

Chapter 10.   Your “Brownie Points” & “Her Brownie Points”

Chapter 11. Boyfriend & Girlfriend “Brownie Points”

Chapter 12. Newlywed “Brownie Points”

Chapter 13. The Other “Brownie Point”

Chapter 14. Accidental “Brownie Points”

Chapter 15. The History of “The Brownie Points”

CXLI              Extra’s

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