Getting it together (Trey)

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That night, I came home. After talking to Maliyah and my girls and Maya, I mean I always knew I had to get it together, But part of me couldn't let go. But, my girls come first, So I gotta try right? I took one last sip and grabbed the liquor bottles and put them in a trash bag and threw them out. I grabbed some water and drunk it, Thinking about what next? Can't loose my girls, Can't loose my son. I got up off the couch grabbing my keys and driving to Vanessa's first.

"Trey, hey. I thought I told you don't come over til you get yourself together?"

"I'm good now, Vee. I threw everything out, Just please let me get my son."

She looked at me, "You done with your selfish ways?"

"Yes just let me see my son."

"He has practice." she said

"Okay, I'll take him." I said

She sighed and went into the house and came back and TJ looked at me and smiled and hugged me and we dapped

"What's up, Son? Ready go to practice?"

"Yeah but, I want April and Maliyah to come too." he said

"We'll see, thanks Vee."

"Get it together, Tremaine"

"Maya please, Please man. Just let me get April"

"Trey, How do I know you changing?"

"Here" I said reaching in my pocket giving her my wallet

"What's this?"

"My damn credit cards, my money."

"How do I not know you got money stored up somewhere?"

"Maya fucking trust me."

She looked at me and handed me my drivers license out my wallet and a $100 bill

"You can take her today but, you ain't getting your wallet back until I see changed and you know I can still get into your bank account." she said

"Okay, Maya."

"Come on in" she said

TJ and I went inside.

"DADDYY!!!" April said running and hugging me

"Heeeey Princess." I said kissing her cheek

"Daddy why haven't you come see me?"

"Daddy was trying to get hisself together." I answered

"You sick daddy?"

"No baby girl, I'm not sick."

"You look like you are, You not drinking again are you?"

"No baby girl, I quit that."

"You better daddy, I need you here." she said holding my cheeks and making my lips form as if I was going to kiss someone

"Daddy's gone always be here. I'm getting it together for you guys. You ready to go to TJ game?"

She smiled and nodded.

"Okay, Let's go."

"Thanks Maya."

"Get it together Trey."


"C'mon son! " I yelled handing April her juice and cookies

"Daddy, why do those boys hurt TJ?"

"It's part of the game, baby girl. it's just a game, I wouldn't let no one hurt him or you or Maliyah not even Autumn."

"What about Mama and Vanessa?"

"Never." I said

"Good, daddy I'm glad you back." she said

"I didn't go no where."

"You went out your mind. Out of sight." she said

"Well, I'm glad I'm back too." I said smiling and kissing her cheek

"You so smart, Daddy's proud of you."

"Thank you, Daddy! I'm Proud of you too."

That's all I needed. I'm gone do right, I got to for my kids, Right?

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