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( A/N : The outfit you chose for the audition is the pic above ^_^ )

After two hours of waiting, the audition have finally started. As Y/n looked back, she was surprised that the line was very long that it looked like a human snake.

And the other ladies slowly went inside to the respected place for the audition. As they went inside, Y/n felt nervous as she think that she might do the wrong thing as she brought her own guitar.

After a long hour of waiting for her turn, she decided to leave at her line, asking the lady at her back to secure the line including her guitar to make sure that no one else occupies it, except for her.

After that, she sprinted while finding the comfort room. She was running around the whole building. She really want to ask one of the people there but it feels so embarrassing for her. She keep running and running and running...

*Bump !

" Oh ! I'm sorry ! I really am ! Excuse me for a while ! " she said as she ran away but the person she accidentally bumped held her hand and asked her to face him.

" Excuse me, are you new here ? I didn't see you here... "

" Oh, I'm one of the female who's going to audition here ! I'm just searching for the comfort room ? Will you tell me the direction ? "

" Oh, you'll just have to walk straight until the end and turn at the right, there's the bathroom. "


As Y/n ran away...

" Hey ! What's your name ?! I'm-- "

" The name's Y/... "

The person didn't heard of it clearly as she was far from the person. As her figure slowly disappear...

" By the way, I'm Heesung... " he said to himself. 

After 10 minutes, she went back to the line and thanked the lady at her back.

" Hey ! The lady who's in front of you is about to perform inside ! You're lucky you made it early ! "

" Thanks for reminding me that, and also for watching over my guitar and the line. By the way, may I know your name ? "

" I'm Park Cameron, but you can call me Christa for short. "

" Your name seems a bit different from an actual Korean name...are you a foreigner ? "

" Yup, you're right ! I'm half American-half Korean ! My mother's a Korean while my father's American. "

" Then we're the same ! I'm half ( Nationality ) - half Korean ! My mother's a ( Nationality ) while my father is a Korean !  "

" Really ?! Oh wow, what a coincidence to meet someone who's like me ! "

" Contestant number 120, please come in. "

" Hey ! You're next, Y/n ! "

" Oh, me ? God...I'm so nervous ! "

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