Chapter Seven

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Here, in beautiful Springwell, there wasn't much to do in town. We had malls and fast-food restaurants, but we didn't have an ice rink. We also didn't have everyone's favorite coffee shop, Starbucks. We were lucky if we even had a Tim Hortons. Today, the little we had was going to change. We were getting a new outdoor skating rink, and everyone was excited about it. When you live in a small town like Springwell, you will get excited over the littlest things in the world.

No one has seen the rink yet since they had covered the rink up with a thin, white sheet with a red ribbon tied tightly. They also had security guards on every side, just to make sure no one was sneaking a tiny peek. They say that the rink is dedicated to the town's founder, Archibald Hastings. He founded Springwell in 1803 with his wife, Sarah. He raised a beautiful family, but his life had ended shortly after at the age of thirty-eight when cancer had stopped his heart. There was nothing in our town dedicated to him, so the rumors had spread like wildfire that the rink was to be dedicated to him.

Marcus had invited me to go to the rink opening with him. I still didn't know if it was a date or not, considering that he didn't say much about it. He did seem relieved that I had said yes to his offer. Was there any possibility that he has a crush on me? Ever since that day between Joel and I, he has been by my side every day possible. Joel still hasn't come back to school. He was still on his suspension week, thanks to my idea to involve the Coach. Even the Coach thought that it was a good idea to be included whenever a member of the school teams was sent to the office. Joel was the first member of a sports team that has ever gotten a suspension. His squeaky clean record was ruined by me. It was a good thing because now he wouldn't come running back. begging for my forgiveness.

Whenever Marcus and I walked past Cristal, she would look at me with pure hatred. It seemed, though, that she didn't mind that Joel was not in school. When I turned a corner in the hallway, she was locking lips with the same guy, who I found out to be Craig, from her party. I assumed that they had become a couple because they would be holding hands. He wouldn't get used to it since Joel would be back in school by next week.

I was at home, after a long day of school. I was making something to eat when the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID. I started to do that now because when I answered it blindly, Joel had called and said that he would make me regret the day I got him suspended. Marcus was here one time when he called and said that. He was holding me closely to him, as I cried into his shoulder. He said, "He won't hurt you, not while I'm around." I replay that moment in my head at least once every day. He cared so much about me and I knew it ever since the day I got hurt from Joel.

Marcus's picture showed up on the phone, so I answered. "Hey. What's up?" I asked, holding the phone up by my shoulder. "Are we still good for today? I just wanted to make sure," he asked, sounding nervous. He thought that I was going to back out on him. Marcus has so far made me happy. He had defended me against Joel, even though it was a bad way to show it. He also cares for me, so I cared for him back. I would never do anything to hurt Marcus. "Yeah, we're still good for today. I'm excited." I said, peeling some potatoes. "Awesome! I'm excited to see you," he replied. The heat in my cheeks started to rise. Sometimes, we'd catch each other trying to flirt with the other person. We would laugh it off and continue talking, but sometimes it slipped again. I didn't mind the flirting since I obviously like Marcus. I just hope he isn't playing along like other guys would do.

"I have to go, but I will call you before I leave my house to get you," he said, feeling him smile. "I'll see you soon," I said and then hung up the phone. I continued making my supper, moving on to peeling carrots. I was feeling some potatoes, carrots, and some ham. The ham was already cooked, so all I had to do was peel the vegetables and I was done with supper. I turned on the stove and put the pot of potatoes on, and shortly after, I added the carrots.

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