When The World Caves In (Maya & Trey)

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I begged with Maya to leave. Everytime she don't, I find myself hurting her. I ask myself, is it all just anger because she left me? For August? Than I always catch myself answering, "It was all you."
I have a interview today and I don't wanna go, I started to call and cancel cause of my hangover but, I just got it together, showered, got dressed and make myself look like I was good. When deep down, I was dying.


"What's up, Trigga Trey?" Angie asked

I faked a smile, I got that name from Maya. And, sometimes I forgot I started using it with my fucked up career.

"Not shit, outchea livin'. "

She smiled, "I hear you, so first let's talk about this new single ft Maya Amour that you did before she was incarcerated."

"*laughs* What you want to talk about?"

"What's this song about?"

"My Fantasies." I said laughing

"Is there a Music Video coming soon?" She asked

"I don't know. Maybe." I said

"Are Any of the songs personal for you of of your new album, Trigga?"

"I know (Can't Get Back), What's Best For You, Smartphones, and Disrespectful." I answered

"What's going on with you and Mila J?"

"There ain't nothing going on with Mila and I, She's just a close friend." I said laughing

"You sure?" She asked

"I'm positive, I only got love for one woman and that's it. Not saying, on down the rode I may not get with another woman but I'm still trying to get over."

"Maya Amour?"

I sighed and nodded, "Yeah, Maya."

"How is she?"

"I don't know." I said wondering myself

"She hasn't come by since she been out?"

"I don't wanna talk about that." I said

"Let's just say, I did something's I'm not proud of. I lost the people I love and I know who'd die for me. I fucked up that shit and It's gone."

*Maya comes in*

"SURPRISE!" Maya said smiling

I shook my head and went over to her and hugged her close, kissed her cheek and whispered, "I'm sorry" into her ear

"It's okay" she whispered back

"Awee, I wish you guys could see what I'm seeing right now." Angie said

Maya and I sat down

"Maya, Is there going to be a music video for touchin lovin with you in it?"

"Hopefully." she said smiling

"How was it like, being incarcerated?"

"It was bad at first, but I got through. I don't wanna talk about me though, Trey TREY TREY, TRIGGA TRIGGA what's going on witchu?" Maya said looking at me smiling

I know she wanted me to tell the truth about my drinking problem, and going to rehab but I'm not.

"For one thing, trying to get over you."

"Trey, I love you. Okay? That's nothing no one can take away. Okay? I gotta go but just know that" she said getting up and kissing my forehead

"I love you too" I said

She smiled and hugged Angie and the crew leaving. I watched her leave, she acts as if last night didn't happen. But all these people don't know what's really going on, We do. Guess why I'm holding my emotions in

"Trey, Are you getting emotional right now?"

"Little bit" I said sitting back

"I can see you two really love eachother."

"Doesn't everybody, Honestly you don't know what goes behind doors. She always like that but me? It's a different story, It hasn't been easy getting over Maya. I thought my vacation would help but it didn't, Maya the type who will forgive you and go about her bitnes like nothing happened and still love you in the morning, I just don't get it. I wonder sometimes how could she forgive so easy?"

"You keep saying, It hasn't been easy, it's hidden behind close doors?"

"You caught that huh? You trying to figure it out?" I asked chuckling

"Yeah, a little."

"Just listen to I know, It will answer everyone's questions."

"Okay, I will and how's your kids?"

"Good." I answered trying to fight back all my damn tears

*Maliyah calling*

"Speaking of kids, here's one right na. Could we wrap this up?"

She nodded.


After leaving the radio show with Trey, Letting him know that I still loved him, shit ain't changed. Yes, Trey hung me out the window, And im scared next time i go near him and he ain't sober, Something's going to happen. He keeps pleading with me to not come around, But I have to know where his head at? I gotta get him to get hisself together, not only for himself but for our daughters and TJ.

"Mama!!!" My youngins said running to me

"Heeeey Barbz!!!" I said hugging them

"Mama, we heard you on the radio."

"You did? That's cool. Autumn, where's your father?"

"Outback, he said he was easing his mind." April said

I nodded, "You guys hungry?"

"No daddy cooked us something." Autumn said

"Okay babies. Go play." I said smiling and kicking my heels off at the door

"Ok mama"

I walked outback and rubbed August back he turned around and looked at me pulling me to him kissing my cheek.

"Baby, you alright? " I asked him

"I'm straight" he said

"You sure? What you easing your mind from?" I asked him taking his blunt and smoking it

The way I'm feeling and what all went down last night, I need a sip of something

"I'm just glad you home." he said

"I am too."

"You love me?" He asked kissing my forehead

"Yes, August. I love you, Is this about the interview with Trey?"

"No baby, it ain't got none to do with Trey."

All I know is, feels like the walls are caving in, The world is caving in turning it's back on me, Feels like I'm about to loose Trey if I don't help him. I try but Trey don't want to do it, one day I'm gone kidnap his ass and drop him off at a rehabilitation center end when he wakes up he will be there ain't can't come back.

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