chapter 10

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When we made it to Starbucks i went straight to my seat and played on my phone laughing at the photos Niall tweeted and commenting on them. i scrolled down and seen a lot of hate most of them were about my weight and looks. i look down at my stomach and let a tear fall i am getting big. i quickly wipe the tear away and shove my phone in my coat pocket when the boys walk up. only Zayn seems to notice something is wrong with me

"why didn't you go order Jessica?" Niall ask hardly taking his mouth off his straw. i feel louis sit next to me and i turn my head to look at him and smile

"louis knows my order" and as if  on cue my drink comes and lands right in front of me. i give louis a huge hug and slobbery kiss on the cheek before turning toward the drink. when i pick it all the hate plays in my head and i reluctantly put my drink down and look at my stomach. i feel tears swell up in my eyes and excuse myself before the boys notice

when i make it to the bathroom i just start sobbing, the heart wrenching sobs just kept coming out. i never took criticism well i would cry if someone said my hair was ugly, that's just how im made but hearing im overweight was another thing. I fixed my teary face by splashing water on my face and fixed my heart and walked out. on my way to the restroom i seen Avery walk in and i run over to her and violently attack her in a hug surprising her and cry on her shoulder quietly. she notices and faces me away from the boys and looked behind her

"ill be right back me and Jessica have to talk" Avery says excusing us both and walking to a booth in the back where the boys cant see us.

"what's wrong bug?" she says with concern dripping from her mouth. i grab my phone with shaky hands and pull up twitter just to see that the hate only got worse and show her on the verge of tears.

"oh bug it's going to be okay, you can't listen to these people they are mad you have something they dont, the boys." she smiles and me and cleans my tears

"i know im sorry, i feel so young compared to you when you do that" i chuckle a little between my tears and earn a laugh from her.

"you ready to go back to the boys?" i nodded cleaning my face

we get up and walked over to the boys, i take my spot next to louis and shove my drink toward niall he looks up at me hopeful and i nod. he take the cup with great happiness and begins to suck the life out of it. i chuckle and began to listen to the conversations going on

"we need to go shopping" Harry says

"ILL go shopping not WE you guys tear places apart before we can ever check out, Niall eat while we are shopping" liam said in a fatherly ton, i smile lightly i love these boys completely. I don't know what i would do without them


"hm?" i just noticed i was staring at nothing

"we asked if you wanted to go swimming i noticed a pool at your apartment building" Louis ask i shrug and lay my head on his arm which earned a kiss on the head from him. his kiss lingered there and i felt my stomach doing flips. he didn't even kiss me and my body is literally flipping out. harry's kiss was just powerful. louis's was magical, man i wish he knew how much i loved him. yes i said love i love Louis Tomlinson and there is nothing i can do stop the feeling that rakes through my body when i see him or feel his touch. so many emotions take place when his hands touch my body or when he jokes around the other boys. i love the clown of the group, my clown.

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