Chapter 33.

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"A tattoo artist

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"A tattoo artist.
You used a god damn tattoo artist."

Yoongi stared at Seokjin, who looked beyond pissed, his eyes shot daggers at him.

He called the younger to his office building this morning, where Yoongi was now seated in front of his hyung's huge office desk, the elder pacing back and forth in fury.

"I don't see what was wrong with that."

It was a lie, he knew exactly why the elder went berserk, but if he admit that, his hyung would scold him even worse.

"I have nothing against marking your own woman, as long as you keep it private.
But how can you keep it confidential if you use the service from an outsider?
You're confining her in your mansion, how if she spill things to the woman?
Have you even thought about that?"

"She won't. I have her brother as pawn.
Besides, the tattooist is familiar with us. Well, Jungkook and Jimin visited her workshop several times."

Thinking about that, he had a suspicion of who leaked the issue to Seokjin, he planned to smack the traitor's head later.

"She isn't from our circle. Why didn't you ask Yong Woo instead? We know him for a long time already, and we hold him in our debtor list. He won't talk."

"He's a man."

"I am aware of that. What's the problem anyway?"

He gave the elder a dirty look.
"And let the scumbag touch my woman? Are you crazy?"

Seokjin narrowed his eyes on him.
"Why didn't you do it yourself then? Don't you know how to use a knife?"

Yoongi really had nothing good to answer that.
The truth was, he was a coward.
He just didn't have the heart to be the person to inflict the pain on you directly.

He had to stay away from your bedroom when you went through the procedure, couldn't really stand himself to hear your cry.
He had thought you were being exaggerative, it was just a small tattoo, but the amount of crying and screaming from your bedroom would probably make people think you were being tortured.

But then, he kind of understood that wasn't the physical pain that really hurt you.
It was the fact that he didn't really care about how you felt towards his demand.

It was baffling as it was contradictory.
He had no reservation when he killed a man in front of you to teach you a lesson, but he didn't have it in him to do the deed himself.

You had screamed at him, threatened him, even begged and cried to make him change his mind, but he wouldn't budge on the issue.
He had wanted his mark on you, had been in his mind for so long.
And it was a happenstance that he needed to teach you another lesson.
It was for your own good.

He looked at his hyung with a blank stare.
"I just can't."

Seokjin paused while scrutinizing him, his eyes analyzing his countenance.
And Yoongi didn't like it.
It was him who usually did the psychoanalysis.

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