The Rape

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Jimmy continues to have me locked in his car.

"What are you doing Jimmy this is not funny."

"Well it will feel good.Well for me."

Jimmy starts to lean towards me as I try to get away.Jimmy is taking off my shirt.

"Jimmy stop!"

Jimmy sucker punches me in the face a couple of times.Until I start seeping blood.I can not say anything anymore because my jaw is full of blood.Jimmy sees an opening and takes off my pants.I try to scream but Jimmy punches me in the gut.I spit out a good amount of blood.Once Jimmy Punches me I slide back in the seat hitting my head on the door handle.Jimmy eventually takes off my boxers.Once he does he grabs a hold of my package squeezing it.He says.

"Now you are mine."

I don't give up I use my hands to push him off.But he grabs my wrists and forces them over my head.I try squirming out his death grip but he grabs my package harder.Making me let out a moan.Jimmy begins to stroke me and I become a moaning mess.

"Jimmy....Stop....Please"He hits me again with another blow.He says.

"Slut did I tell you to talk."I see anger in his eyes.

He finally lets go of my package and starts to unzipped his pants.

"Jimmy No don't."Jimmy hits me again.

"Stop talking."Jimmy takes out his cock and positions it at my hole.

"Jimmy stop."

"Thats it."

Jimmy forces his package in my ass.I scream but this makes him more furious.I feel him tear I can taste the blood that he is causing.Besides the blood that is in my jaw.Jimmy viciously thrusts in me I moan, and pant since it's the only thing I can do left.Before I know it I start to cum.I don't want to but his hand keeps jerking me.Jimmy violently thrusts in me because I cam.He does this until he cums.I feel his cum slide in me I try to surpess my moans by biting down on my lip.The look of me in trouble makes him happy.And he starts this viscous cycle all over again.Next thing I know there is more cum slithering in me.Jimmy exits out of me without care.I grab my clothes and Jimmy gladly unlock the door.I get my clothes on trying as hard as I can.Jimmy says to me.

"You say what I did to you and you'll know what will happen to you."

I run in the house as fast as I can and head to the bathroom.I look in the mirror. I have bruises all over my body.I have my jaw still bleeding.My nose looks broken and more things I don't wanna talk about.I get in the shower and scrub away everything.

"Why Jimmy just....why."

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