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Aqua POV

Leah: hey y'all dis me

Leah: -new picture message-

Joey: hoe shut the fuck up

Leah: my mom didn't pay for the wifi bill yet and it's killing me

Me: she should've sucked the guy dick for free

Leah: can you do a split on the dick

Me: yes just ask Calum

Calum added in group chat by Leah

Leah: can Aqua do a split on the dick?

Calum: yeah


Me: -.- Joey it's not even that funny

Joey: no but your life is


Calum: is it really that funny

Me: read between the lines stoopid

Calum: that's not how you spell stoopid stoopid

Me: then don't call me stoopid stoopid

Calum: today is Friday so we get to fuck

Joey: okay do you want me to pick you up Orr

Leah: no he's fucking Aqua stupid

Leah: #Calqua

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