Bella's POV

I woke up to a scream and a bang. I saw that Nat was already up. "F*CK YOU MORAN" I hear Nat scream, I ran downstairs and I saw Nat struggling to get up off of the floor "oh my god, what happened?" I asked Nat "well I was.." Trevor started. "Did I ask you? If you don't quit talking, I will rip your toungue out and shove it up your ass" I stated Trevor looked scared. "I was helping this BASTARD with breakfast and he dropped the hot pan on my leg" Nat says "I have fallen and I can't get up" Nat said in a monotone voice. "lets go upstairs and make sure your leg is okay" I said while helping Nat up, Trevor tried to help and Nat screamed, "Don't touch me" We went upstairs and she took her onzie off, there was a big burn mark on her ancle and it was starting to swell up. "I think we have to take you to the hospital" I say worriedly "What? NO" Nat screamed. I walked to Kian's room and knocked on the door "Come in" Kian said "Nat got hurt and I think she should go to the hospital. Can you drive us?" I ask politely "Is she okay?" "Yes she is fine, I am just worried about her." We went to help Nat downstairs, Kian picked Nat up bridal style and put her in the backseat, Kian told JC where we were going and to meet us at the hospital. We filled Kian in on what happened. I sat next to Nat and she looked really nervous "are you okay Nat?" Kian asked "Yeah, I am fine. I am just a little nervous" "Why" Kian asked "Sharp pointy things scare me, and I don't like hospitals. When I was little I spent a lot of time in hospitals because of my aunt, grandma, and dog. They all passed away in the same week, when I was 6." Nat started tearing up, then quickly wiped them away. "I am so sorry, I even brought it up" Kian replied. We arrived in the hospital and the nurse told us to wait outside her room. Soon JC, Sam, Ricky, Cam, Nash, Hayes, Matt, the Jacks, Carter, Aaron, and Taylor arrived. We filled them in and I noticed Trevor wasn't here. "where's Trevor" I asked "he thought it was all his fault, so he didn't come" Then the nurse came out and told us that we could go in. We all piled into the room and Nat was happy to see us. She had a purple cast on her foot and when everybody saw it they started asking the weirdest questions. "Why didn't you get a blue one?" Matt yells "Because I wanted a purple one!" Nat replies. Everyone started laughing and Matt pretended to be mad. "So how hard did the pan hit you?" Sam asked. "Pretty hard, I fractured my ancle" Nat replied. The nurse popped her head in the rooom "You guys can take her home whenever you want, and here are the crutches" JC got them from the nurse while Kian signed the papers and I helped Nat out of the hospital bed. We walked to Kian's car and I sat in the backseat with Nat, Sam sat in the passenger seat and Kian drove. Once we got home I helped Nat up the stairs and went into our room. Nat changed and we went downstairs and saw everyone on their phones, typical. We talked for a bit and decided to watch a movie, we decided on Bad Grandpa. I was on the floor, Jacob next to me. I was lying down and was starting to get sleepy, I have seen this movie so many times and before I knew it sleep took over my body.              

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