Chapter 1

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It was around September when Taeyeon started to feel weak. She went to the doctor alone as she's afraid to tell her friends or even her parents about it.

Kim Taeyeon

"You're still so young, yet you already have this kind if illness. You have a brain tumor, we can still treat it but I'm not really sure if you'll recover 100%." the doctor said.

Brain tumor...

"What will happen if-" I said but was cut off, "You could die from this illness."


"Well.. I can still live right?" I asked.

The doctor was silent.

Then he suddenly murmured, "3 months isn't even enough.."

Brain tumor.. Die... 3 months.. You're pathetic Kim Taeyeon..

"Thank you so much Dr. Lee. I hope this stays between us." I said and left.

I walked around, going to places that I might not be able to see anymore and stopped at a café, my favorite cafe. I ordered latte and went to the table near the window. This café was where we always hang out. Tiffany, YoonA, and the others. I was alone there and was very lonely.

The only thing that made me feel less lonely was the loud noise from the crowd. The people inside the café that was living their normal lives. After finishing my latte I went out and saw another crowd. They are all smiles watching something. I went there to see what is happening and saw a two men who were busking. The other guy was singing and the other guy played the instrument. It's not a lie if I said the guy singing is good. I watched for a while and left.

I sat on a bench to rest. I looked at the sky and it was so beautiful.

Maybe there I won't be lonely..

I continued staring at the sky when a dog suddenly came to me and started barking at me. I was so shocked but when I looked at it, it was so cute.

"Mong Ryong?? Mong Ryonggg!!" a man was shouting.

I recognize him as the one who is busking earlier.

"Oh? Mong Ryong!! Come here!" he said and came to me and apologized.

"I'm so sorry, he got out so I was finding him." he said and smiled awkwardly.

I chuckled as I response and he was confused. He was so cute that- What? Cute? Ughh! Kim Taeyeon!

"Well, your dog is cute." I said awkwardly.

"Uhmm, you too." he said and changed the whole atmosphere.

"What?" I said and laughed.

"Uh- Uhm- Like-, I-I said you're beautiful." he stuttered.

I laughed again. Thanks to this man I'm laughing a lot today.

"Why do you keep on laughing?" he asked, seriously.

"Well, you're so funny, kid!" I answered

"I'm not a kid." he said.

"I am Byun Baekhyun, 20
years of age!!" he said.

Byun Baekhyun

When we were still busking, a beautiful being suddenly appeared. After a while, she left. I wondered where she went so after that performance I told Chanyeol that I'll go already. When I went to get my things, Mong Ryong wasn't there.

Ughh.. Mong Ryongg..

I went to find Mong Ryong and suddenly heard a sound of barking, which was very familiar.

Mongg Ryongg!!!

In front Mong Ryong was the beautiful being I was trying to find.

Killing two birds with one stone!! I owe this one to you Mong Ryong!

I entered the scene and carried Mong Ryong.

"Well, your dog is cute." she said awkwardly.

"Uhmm, you too." I said and she suddenly laughed.

"What?" she asked and kept on laughing.

"Uh- Uhm- Like-, I-I said you're beautiful." I stuttered.

She laughed again.

"Why do you keep on laughing?" I asked, seriously.

"Well, you're so funny, kid!" she answered

"I'm not a kid." I said.

It's the right chance to ask here name and age smoothly!!

"I am Byun Baekhyun, 20 years of age!!" I said. 

Please fall for it. Please fall for it. Please fall for it.

"Then it was nice meeting you Byun Kid, I'll go now." she said.

Ahhhhh!! She didn't fall for it!

She really left. I was alone there and suddenly thought of something. I then followed her with all my might. There were many people, but she's visible.

"Hey!" I shouted.

"I'm not done yet! You know it's rude to leave someone who hasn't finished saying something right?" I said

Please fall for it!!

"So, Byun Kid, what it is?" she said

I told her to sit down on a bench near us.

"Well, I told you my name. Shouldn't you-"

"Kim Taeyeon!!!" another girl cut me off

"Tiff! What are you doing here??!" she asked.

That Tiff girl stared at me and what was her name again? Ah! Kim Taeyeon, then Kim Taeyeon told her,
"He's just a kid that's full of curiosity."

"I'm not a kid!" I said.

"Okay! So what do you want? I still have to go somewhere." she replied.

"Well.." I slowly tried to say it.

"You like her, right?" that Tiff girl interrupted.

I was silent. You fool..

"Sorry, kid. I don't have time for puppy love." she said and left.

I said I'm not a kid and it's definitely not puppy love.

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