~ Kathleen's POV ~

{few weeks later}

"Barry!" I called him. He's training his speed by playing: Chess with Dr. Wells, Ping-Pong with Cisco, Operation with Caitlin and Connect 4 with me.

He ran so fast that I didn't realize that he already made his move, letting me think how can I beat him. Along the way, another buzz came through, followed by a groaning Caitlin. "This isn't even remotelly atomically correct!" She complained.

"That's not the point Dr. Snow." Barry said smirking, tooking the scissor out with the tweezers. "Then what's the point?" The red head asked. "To have fun!" He answered laughing.

"And to continue the training of your ability by pushing your ability of multitask." Dr. Wells corrected him. He ran to him, making his move on Chess. "I'm waiting on you."

"Ha! Better pay more attention next time cause I won!" I said cheerful. He came to my table and saw that he had no way to change the game.

"Checkmate!" Dr. Wells said out loud, making Barry almost drop the tweezers. "What?! You two?!" He said in disbelief.

"Yes." We said in unison. "You still have some things to learn Mr. Allen." He said smirking. But our fun was cut off by the television that was soon followed by an alarm.

"Armed robbery at 4th and Collins!" Cisco informed Barry, who changed right away into his suit, going to save the day.

"For the record, I crushed it on Operation and Ping-Pong." He stated proudly. I went to him I said patting his back: "But, as always, I beat you at Connect 4." I said, earning a glare from Barry.

{few minutes later}

Barry successfully arrested the bad guys and I went to get some food for me and Barry, who stayed at S.T.A.R. Labs for his training. When I came back, no one was in the main lab. After I heard the treadmill, I went to open the door, I saw an unfamiliar girl there. She turned around and said that her name is Felicity Smoak. I nodded and said that I'm Kathleen.

She turned again to Barry and asked Cisco and Caitlin: "So... how fast can he run?"

"Whoa, now anyone can know Barry's secret?" I popped in, with a kinda annoyed tone. "She works for the Arrow." Cisco says not looking at me. "Excuse me... Was I supposed to know who is that?" I said in a confused tone, making everyone now look at me. "How do you not know who is the Arrow?!" Cisco said in desbelief.

"Sorry, I just got into comic/vigilante world a few weeks ago." I said sarcastilly. They ignored my comment and let Felicity rambles about Barry. It's so funny that Barry never told me about this girl, and she knew his powers before me. AND EVERYONE TRUSTS HER JUST BECAUSE SHE WORKS FOR THE BOW... or was arrow? whatever.

Now they are giving more attention to Felicity, leaving me there drinking my soda at the door step. "Everything we do here at S.T.A.R. Labs is to protect Barry Allen. Trust us, Felicity, he is in very good hands." Dr. Wells said, almost making me jump. 

"Wanna see how fast can I run backwards?" Barry asked out loud. 

"Barry, don't do it because you are going to get..." I warned but then he tripped and crashed into the stack if cardboard boxes. "Hurt." I finished my sentence, running into the room that Barry was. I helped him get up and when he went to the main lab, he realized that Felicity was there and looked at her like she was best thing that ever happened in his world.

Oh god, kill me now. I thought instantly, letting Barry go, who almost fell to the ground. I instantly prentented to be late at something and get out of the building, not even saying goodbye. I went to my apartment, and heard a noise from the guest's room. I quickly got my bat and walked slowly. 

But when I was almost there, I see my sister scream at me, making me scream together. I dropped my bat and rested against the wall. "MIKKAELA!" I said in relief. "What the hell?!" I asked her.

"Sorry!" she said out loud "I was tired of waiting, I found your extra key so I got put my stuff in the guest room and... Ta da!" she explained, waving her hands in the air. 

"Ok... Hi Mikkaela!" I said hugging my sister. In a short explanation: My sister is Mikkaela Beckett, a celebrity in Hollywood, has 25 years old. She visits me once for a month, and have a little sister time. 

"Where do you wanna go?" I asked her. "What about that place that your friend work?" She suggests. "Ok, just let me change." I said and I picked an outfit and changed in my bathroom.

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! SORRY I'M SORRY ;-; 

Did you liked it? Mikkaela is gonna be in Central City for a while... And things are not going to be good for Kate with Felicity. Maybe she's finally developing feelings for Barry? 


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