Chapter 3 "A Routine Expedition"

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“Marshall, Will, and Holly

On a routine expedition

Met the greatest earthquake ever known.

High on the rapids

It struck their tiny raft.

And plunged them down a thousand feet below.


To the Land of the Lost.

To the Land of the Lost.

To the Land of the Lost.”


        -Land of the Lost Theme Song

On the Old I-94 Trail

        “You know when I signed up for this I was promised Faygo,” Rudy muttered from the driver’s seat of the APC. “I was told there would be Rock & Rye and there damn well better be Rock & Rye.”

        “Don’t you have anything better to do besides bitch?” Adam asked from the back of the vehicle. The Titan was reclined on an oversized couch with his legs hanging off the end. At seven and half feet tall the heavily muscled warrior was always searching for a comfortable place to relax.

        “Hey!” Rudy snapped setting the auto drive and turning to glare at his friend. “I worked with the team bringing the old bottling plant back on-line for a year. The least I should be able to expect is Faygo whenever I fucking want it!”

        “You know the communications circuit is open, right?” YJ asked from his perch on the roof of the vehicle. The sniper preferred to rely on his mental abilities as opposed to the APC’s sensor systems.

        “I know and I don’t care,” Rudy grumped.

        “That stuff is too sweet anyway,” Adam added.

        Rudy shot him a look that could melt lead.

        Adam and YJ both laughed.

        “Enough chatter,” the voice of Doctor Randal Cooper said, cutting into the communications circuit. “You people were hired to provide security not fill the airwaves with your asinine banter.”

        There was no need for the members of the Grey Bear Mercenary Corp (GBMC) to say anything. As a unit they switched over to their private encrypted channel.

        “That guy is a complete douche nozzle,” Miranda Silver Water said, the young elf girl was flying on her wing board high above the convoy. Her mystic powers made her the perfect person to perform ariel recon. “Colonel, you want to tell me again why we took this job?”

        “The money Randa,” Colonel James McCoy responded. The Corps leader was riding with in the front of the group in one of the armored ATV’s. “The University pays well and their missions usually keep us as far from the CS as possible.”

        “Yeah,” Miranda grumped, “but the trade off is putting up with asshats like Cooper.”

        “Look, I don’t care about Cooper,” Karl Harper said. The power armor jockey was in the rear of the convoy watching their backs in his hulking suit of powered armor. “What I care about is that these missions are always so Gods damned boring.”

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