Two for the Price of One

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Once school let out, you ran off into the city, taking your usual route home. Sunset had tried to stop you, but you were already far gone. And for you, you had your reasons. She saw the way you had kicked Flash's ass and plus, there's that incident in the janitor's closet with Wallflower. You couldn't bare to look at Sunset, knowing you ended up getting laid with another girl. In a way, you felt like you betrayed her and she has no clue whatsoever about what's troubling you.

"Well, you can't blame him for having cold feet," Sunset said, watching you disappear from her sigh as you turned a corner on one of the streets. "I just wish he'd have let me tell him I wasn't mad at him."

"Sunset, if Ah know Anon well, an' Ah do, he's just tryin' to reflect on his actions," AJ said. "Besides, he wouldn't wanna ya to look at 'im the wrong way. He's always had a soft spot fer ya." Uttering out that statement brought a small blush to Sunset and she knows about how all the guys want to get with her. But something about you having genuine feelings for her was something new to her.

"That's a first. You really think he likes me?" Sunset asks.

"Like ya? Sunset, he loves ya. But, don't tell 'im Ah told ya that. Ah have a feelin' he wants to tell ya in person one o' these days when he's ready," Applejack confirmed. "Oh an' let me tell ya somethin' else. Ah don't approve o' them there other students pickin' on the poor guy. Celestia an' Luna are in charge fer a reason, so how tomorrow, we talk to 'em about everyone on our bus to stop with the bullyin'?"

"I couldn't agree more. I just feel so guilty for letting them torture him like that. It makes me sick," Sunset said, beating herself up for all the times she watched you take so much shit from your peers. After bidding her friends goodbye, she took off to head on home.

Meanwhile, you were at the halfway mark in the middle of the city. You stopped for a minute to catch up on your thoughts and the other recent events that happened earlier today. First, there was your body, which no man could ever get in one night, even if they tried. Then there was the bus banner that stuck to your hand, which you found very odd. Then, there's the strange webbing you shot out from your wrist during lunchtime, which lead to the ass-kicking you gave Flash. It was all so bizarre.

Normally when you see a punch, you never had enough time to dodge or block and wind up with a bloody nose, but now it all looked like it was in slow motion. And the way you backflipped like that, it's almost like you were light on your feet, more flexible when you ducked and 10x stronger than the strongest man.

You did some deep thinking and remembered that all of this happened when you came home from your field trip yesterday and... when that spider bit you. 'Could that spider have transformed me? Maybe it's changed... or enhanced my own DNA. That would explain all those weird occurrences,' you thought. Deep down, even though you were weirded out of your mind with what's happened... you wanted to find out more. Looking down at your fingers, you wondered if you could scale a wall just like a spider.

Looking up at the building, you figured, "Well, it's worth a shot." So, you walked up to the wall and latched one hand on the wall with only your fingertips, then stuck 'em on it again with the other. You repeated this process and used your feet to help you climb faster.

The astonishment was uncanny. You expected to fall off, but it seemed like you were hanging on there with ease and your excitement built up deep inside. Looking back down, you seemed to have scaled the wall to the point where you were 15 feet off the ground. "WOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!" you exclaimed. You scaled the wall higher and faster, then leaped up to the rooftop, higher than a normal jump. You allowed your own adrenaline to kick in as you ran across the rooftop and leaped onto the other. You shouted happily as you did this two more times until you came across a distant building.

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