America x Fem!England

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NOTE: In this one England is a girl, just so ya know.

England= Alice

America= Alfred


It was a rainy after noon, and Alice was just sitting down for a little break.

"Finally," she sighed, "I can take a break and have some tea." She was just putting the cup to her lips when she hard a banging on the door.

"Yo! Iggy! You there?"

She groaned, "Alfred," she muttered, "that bloody idiot, coming over uninvited."

More pounding. "I'M COMING YOU TWIT!" she yelled, "What do you want?" she sighed while opening the door, "And what are you wearing?" Alfred marched into the door and pulled off his jacket, "I'm Captain America! 'Cause I'm the-"

"Hero, yes, yes, we all know and I don't care. What are you here for?"

"What? Oh! Yeah!" he exclaimed, "I was here to, um, uh... You look... Different." He said. She noticed he was staring at her, was he, blushing?

"Well, yes," she replied, "I'm wearing a dress for one thing,"

"Oh, ok. Hey, did you change your hair style?" He noticed? It was such a slight change though, just some split ends cut off and she had it in two pig tails instead of her normal pony tail.

"Yeah, I got it trimmed, and I'm not wearing pig tails." He looked at her thoughtfully

"Oh! I thought so, anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch with me. I found this new place and heard it's really good! So, you wanna?" She was shocked. Alfred didn't make fun of her for wearing a dress, and he looked embarrassed.

"S-sure, I guess..."

He perked up and grabbed her hand, "Sweet! C'mon, let's go!!"

He started pulling her out the door, "Wait! I can't go out like this!"

He turned around and looked at her smiling, "Why? You look cute."

She felt heat rising into her cheeks and looked away, "F-fine, just so we don't wast any more time." she heard Alfred sinker and turned to face him and saw he was looking at her, smiling, with a slight blush on his cheeks.

He noticed she was staring at him and quickly looked away, "W-well, shall we?"

"Yes, let's go." They got into Alfred's car and left. 20 minutes later they were sitting at a table near the back of the Spaghetti Factory, "See!" Alfred said, "Isn't this food great?"

She sighed in exasperation, "Yes, Alfred, for the twentieth time, the food tastes wonderful."

Alfred looked at her, "Hey," he said, he sounded sort of, shy, "Would you like to go for a walk?" she looked at him surprised, "I mean, if it's not to much trouble or anything..." He looked away, his face bright red, "Never mind, you must have things to do, I'll just drive you home."

He stood up, looking at the ground. She snickered silently and grabbed his coat sleeve, (he had changed into nicer clothes with her threatening) "No, it's OK," she said, blushing slightly, "I would like to go for a walk."

"Sweet, shall we?" He held out his arm, she took it and smiled. They payed the bill, (Alice's treat, as Alfred forgot to bring money) and left.

After a while Alice looked at Alfred, "So," she began, "What do you want?"

He looked at her confused, "Huh?"