45: The Second Date

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Mahir's Pov:

         "I have come to take you somewhere." I announced as I stood near her, her fragrance mingling in the air as I smiled and looked at her, her small eyes, ready to pop out.

"What? Why... And where.. and--" she blabbered but I interrupted her saying,

"Shush.. Aayat, I am guessing that being your husband gives me the least right to atleast take you with me wherever I want.."

I resisted my laugh watching her confused face as she said,

"You...um that you do but..no what I am asking is why would you want me to come with you? "

I took a step near her and she watched me doing so, her eyes hooked with mine as I said,

"I guess that you being my wife serves as enough reason of why I want you to come with me, doesn't it?"

Her gaze quickly was casted down towards the floor as her pale cheeks turned a tint of pink, highlighting against the edge of white scarf of hers making me, feel something.

"I..." She tried to say something but than stopped as I said,

" You know before I came to know that you had your case hearing today, I had planned..well, something for us as I know from last few days, I wasn't there with you.."

"And you still want me to go with you?" She asked immediately, this time her eyes sparkling with curiousness.

"Mhmm.." I said. She took a slow breath and than mumbled in a cute manner which made me chuckle,

"So, you aren't angry with me?"

I controlled the laugh as she waited for the answer, I shoved my hands into my pockets as I shook my head.

Immediately after getting my answer, a smile broke onto her lips which reached her eyes as she mumbled,

"Oh thank god.. I was so worried..."

Her eyes again looked at me as I caught them in my gaze and asked something I myself hadn't thought I will be able to do,

"So Mrs. Aayat, will you go on a date with me?"

Her lips developed into the shape of O as she heard me saying that, blinking her eyes several times she finally said,


I arched my eyebrow as I replied with confident,

"Yes I did.. you know earlier I was going to take you on a genuine date but as the half of day has passed, I still want to take you somewhere we were supposed to be at this time... "

She just kept looking as I completed my sentence and after a minute I finally snapped my fingers in front of her. Smiling, I asked her again,

"I know the mention of 'Date' was I bit too much, but technically speaking, this would be the first time we are actually going somewhere.. so.."

"Will you go on a date with me?"

For the first time in the day she chuckled, and than that chuckle turned into laugh as she kept laughing while covering her mouth as I waited for her to stop and she finally replied,

"Oh..I am so sorry.. but I couldn't help but laugh.."

She paused and than completely turned towards me, her smile still not leaving her face as she said,

"Yes.. I will."

I smiled too as she gathered her stuff, I waited towards the door when I found her removing her black court and tie it was than that I noticed, how gracefully she carries even this look.

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