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you built an empire of my empty flesh and bones, kissed me like an endless oath of scarlet healings and backseat love. but my boy, the riot set deep inside my diaphragm wasn't made for soft and sweet. i want a passion that threatens a clean-cutting blade to the carotid artery, a fistful of dead-end damnation forever confined in fighting lips, bursting blood cells dribbling down peach-bruised necks. i'm a midnight muse of macabre masochism, an unforgiving incarnate of love-borne things, the regal tragedy in your dwindling bones. i want a love that shakes the faith out of heaven's most holy, a machiavellian aftermath of gunpowder teeth meeting a violent heart for the first time. give me a red-light fever dream of adrenaline eyes and velcro hands that stick to the sharp bends of my body and carry me through unsolicited lust until i'm feeding on all your dominating desires. i'll show you a slow motion love that chains your heart to my bedpost and swallows your chemical kisses until i'm a mouthful of bliss. baby, don't you wanna know how it feels to be on fire? baby, don't you wanna be the dying pride trapped behind my teeth? break my body with your love, i'll bury your heart with my legacy. just make sure they know that even if we were made of bad blood and wicked intentions, our haunting paradise was anything but a bad thing.

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