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"Matthew!" Shaina cried.

"Come on, baby! Almost there!"

Shaina gasped and Matthew smiled.

The nurse held up a small baby. "It's a sweet girl." she said beaming.

Shaina slumped back on the bed smiling and Matthew kissed her forehead.

"I'll bring her back after her bath." the nurse told them.

Nurses hustled around Shaina making sure she was okay and hadn't lost too much blood.

Before long the nurse returned with their daughter wrapped up tightly in a little pink blanket. She handed her to Shaina.

"Ooh! She gorgeous." Shaina breathed.

Matthew leaned over and gently kissed the baby's forehead. "She looks just like you." he whispered to Shaina.

The baby opened her eyes and yawned. "Ah! She has your eyes, Matthew!"

Matthew chuckled, "Yes she does."

"Do you want to hold her?"

"Me?" Matthew asked shocked.

Shaina laughed. "Of course! She's your daughter."

Matthew got very nervous but held out his arms for the baby. Shaina gently placed her in Matthew's arms so he was cradling her. "She's so small." Matthew breathed staring at his daughter with so much love. It was such a beautiful image, Shaina almost started crying again.

A nurse came in smiling, "Alright mom and dad, what's her name?"

"Erin." Matthew said still staring at the baby. "Erin Marie Knight."

Yay! The sequel has begun! I hope you guys will enjoy this story as much as you enjoyed The Boy At My Window!



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