hah. GAY.

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disclaimer: gay people are awesome. if you are gay, that's OK I have nothing against gay people.

It was late. Matt and Shane both were traumatised and tired. Matt turned off the n64 "I'm done with this shit." he growled as he took out the cartridge. "Hey! I still want to see what's on it!" Shane exclaimed "okay well you are out of your mind" matt shuttered "you better do an exrosisim or some shit on it." "um OK..." Shane hesitated "how?" "I don't know I want to go to bed" Shane drew a cross on the game with a permanent marker just in case. "I think i'll go to bed too" Shane hesitated "Matt?"  "Yea?" Matt answered "c-can I sleep in your bed" shane blushed "why...?" Matt asked "i-i want to be with you I lo-" "that's kind of gay but OK" matt interrupted "can we cuddle" Shane asked quietly, unfortunately matt didn't hear him. He climbed in matt's bed and curled up to sleep. Matt came in and laid down next to him and stared down at the ceiling. Shane hesitated but slowly put his arms around matt. Matt blushed and leaned on Shane a little. "does this mean I'm gay..." matt thought as he slowly fell asleep.

~the next morning ~

Matt woke up on his back with Shane laying face down on him with his face pressed into matt's neck. Matt poked his head to make sure he was asleep, and then gently stroked his hair.he hesitated but slowly kissed Shane's forehead and wrapped his arms around his warm body. But he when he noticed the cartridge sitting on his night stand, he screamed and ran across the room. "W-wha.." Shane mumbled disoriented "THE GAME" matt yelled. "Cool let's play it" said Shane reaching for the game. "I don't think that's a good idea" matt whispered when Shane put the cartridge in the n64 and turned on a voice blared from the TV "you're right matt" and matt peed himself.

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