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Before we start . I got idea of doing this from TheGospelOfLeafy . I saw them doing it,I saw multiple people doing it so why not?

Warning: Don't read if you get triggered or anything


-0/10 (this is how we rate it right? 😂)

So this ship is just NOOOO! A big no. Remus and Sirius were like BROTHERS jesus! How can you just ship them. Their friendship was like a sibling relationship. People are literally obsessed with it. And it's shippers defend themselves by telling how even snape ships it cause he said "look at you two fighting like an old married couple" bro wtf?! I and my guy bff are told this a lot and this isn't any ROMANTIC stuff. I don't believe that Sirius was gay...just no...he can be Bi not gay...and even IF he ever caught feelings for his any best friend it's gonna be James (again no from me since they are like brothers as well)

Please don't go on defending yourselves in the comments. I probably won't reply,this is just my opinion and yeah

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