KIdnapped by ONE DIRECTION ....

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  My name is Emily Smith Im a senior at west brooke high I have a 14 year old sister to wonderful parents and a dark past ...  I cut my self cut until i have red blood seeping through my cutt's and I have a eating disorder.  I don't have friend's im very anti -social  I  get bullied  by many people  I get called Fat , Ugly, Whore , Slut .   Now that you know about me we can get started with my story of being kidnapped by One direction.

   *EMILY P.O.V*

         "Do I have to go mom"  I sigh as my sister jump's up and down with her new One direction ticket's "Yes dear"  my mom says  "I have to work i double shift tonight" . My mom work's at pizza hut not very classy but we get by. Ugh ok fine  i say to my mom  "YAY thank you so much sissy" my sister scream's  " Ok whatever i say let me go shower then we can get going" i say walking to my room . I walk to my closet i don't want to be to dressed up but i dont want to be under dressed i decide on a pink sweater to cover my arm's and white skinny jean's  and pink tom's . I walk to the shower strip my clothing off and get  in the warm shower I shave my legs wash my hair and  body then hop out as im drying off i glance at my cutt's  every  so often snd sigh i throw on my bra and under wear and pull on my skinny jean's then my sweater careful not to hurt my cutt's i brush my hair and braid it to the side apply masscara and eye linner add lip gloss  i grab my purse and slip on my shoes "Lett's go sara" i scream . "Coming" ! she yelled back  she beat me to the door , she looked so cute in her one direction shirt and british flag toms  I lock up the flat and we walk to my car  "Buckle up" I say as we close the door's I turn on the radio  and They don't know about us came on my sister screamed and sang along. We pull into the parking lot I lock up the car and we go into the arena the lady took our ticket's " Enjoy the show !" she said a little to excited . I mumble thanks  we get to the front row and the boys' ran on to the stage i thought my sister would pass out Harry ran to the side's of the stage he stoped in his track's and stared at me and then winked . "Emily Harry Styles  just winked at you ! " She screamed no i think  he was winking at you I  smile.

              *HARRY P.O.V*

         She was one of the beautiful girl's i have ever seen with her pink cheek's and bleach blonde hair .  I stoped dead in my tracks and did what I do best wink  she looked shockedi smiled and kept singing i would catch her after this concert she was all i thought about during the concert.

      *EMILY P.O.V*

  I walked with my sister toward the exit when Harry Style's poped up and pulled my sister and I  to another room with the other boys'. " Hello lovelys' he smiled and winked i rolled my eye's "Lets go Sara" I said . She stared at the boy's  with her jaw almost on the floor they all smiled at us and said "Hello !" in a chours. Can we give you a hug they asked sara "okay" She said a little nervous. Harry walked up to me "May i give you a hug love ?" I guess i answered he grabed my arm's he saw me flinch before i could stop him he pulled my sleve up and saw my cutt's he pulled me into  a tight hug and whispred "Please stop " i pulled away anger in my eye's. "Let's go Sara " I say through gritted teeth . "Harry pull's Zayn out of the room one second love's"  Harry smile's. 

    *ZAYN P.O.V

  " Hey whats up ?" i see the sadness in Harry's "Eye's she cutt's Zayn" He whisper's. I'm  lost at  word's " She's so beautiful " i whisper. We need to kidnapp her Harry whisper's  I think for a moment  " I think you may be right" I whisper back "Okay let me get the boys" Harry say's back . We walk back in the room the girl look's nervous her sister chat's with Liam . " Love's what's your name's ?"I ask  Her little sister  and her  I'm sara say's her  little sister and that's Emily she point's to the girl sitting on the chair. I smile "Okay  give us one moment".    "You said that  a half hour ago" Emily mutters . The boys and I walk into the other room. "Okay boys listen up we are going to kidnapp Emily  Harry whisper's. "Are CRAZY" Liam  hisse's. "No he's not I say she cutt's her self and she is verry thin she  may even starve her self " i whisper . Liam is in deep thought i can tell by the look on his face. "What do you say Louis " Liam whisper's. " I say  we go for it " he smile's.  Niall ? "Yes he mumble's.