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Beyoncé | October 15th
Manhattan , New York

"Ms. Jefferson why you wanna fuck wit' me? You want some dick or something damn?" I sucked my teeth and sat back in my desk.

Diamonté laughed, chewing her gum and looked at Ms. Jefferson dead in her face. Ms. Jefferson took a look at us both and shook her head.

"Do the 2 of you want detention? Your mouths are going to get you in trouble and you know it. Watch them or I will be calling your parents. Diamond-"

"It's Diamonté dammit, say it right or don't say it at all."

"That's it! I'm calling your parents."

"I didn't do shit. Why you calling my mama? It's not like she's gonna answer anyway." I scoffed.

"Then maybe I should do a home visit."

"Do what you gotta do, I'm not gon' be there. I'm gon' be at my girl's house." I said.

"Speaking of your girl, ain't that her and her mom? She look pretty angry."

I snapped my head toward the hall, trying to get a glimpse of Seven's mom but the only thing I saw was a fat ass. I couldn't tell if it was Seven's or her mother's. They were running down that hallway so fast, I couldn't even see them.

"Yo, you still ain't never seen her mom?" Diamonté asked.

"No I haven't. That's crazy."

"Bro, she got the fattest ass I have ever seen in my entire life. Ass fatter than a swamp possum with the mumps." Di said, it made the entire class laugh.

"Now where did you get that bullshit from?" I laughed.

"The 2 of you need to go down to the principal's office right now." She held out the blue slip. I sucked my teeth and got up, snatching the slip out of her hand.

"Come on Di."

She followed behind me into the principal's office. We both sat down in the front, sighing. I swear my grades are good, it's just this bitch keeps messing with me. She was the only teacher that I had an issue with, everybody else loved me.

Ms. Union walked past us and I whistled.

"Hey Ms. Union, where you going sexy?"

"Beyoncé that is inappropriate."

"You know you love it girl. Where that principal at? Niggas wanna call me down here but not be here to do the job."

"Bey look!" Di whispered in my ear, she pointed in the opposite direction and I looked, my eyes widening immediately. "You see that ass she carrying?"

"I know it's heavy, I'll help her carry it if she need me to." I whispered back.

Ms. Union chuckled and walked away from the two of us. Whoever this was had my attention though. All that ass and she up at this school? For what?

"Look at the titties too." She paused and we watched the woman speak to our principal. "She know she look good."


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