Chpt 2 - The Avatar

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Life was slow, but somehow still passed in a blur. Each day melded into each other. The same boring schedule, the same boring life, the same boring home. Yes, Y/n loved the North Pole, the snow, the ice, the ocean, the food. But she also hated it, the sexism, the misogyny, the lack of contact with the rest of the world, the lack of Kenji. 

Y/n was 14 now, turning 15 in a few weeks, and for the most part, life was back to normal. Just like every day since her brother's absence, she woke up at 8 am and pulled on her clothes. First she would change her undergarments, pale blue drawstring shorts and a white wrap bra. Next she yanked on her navy blue leggings, and on top of those her slightly lighter royal blue top-pants. Then she yanked on her long sleeved undershirt. It was thin and form fitting to her torso with slightly baggy sleeves. It is a semi-dark shade of a purple-blue like color. Between her elbow and her wrists, the shirt became form fitting to keep her body heat in. The tight ends of the sleeves had a triangular pattern, alternating between dark and light blue. Finally, She pulled on her outer shirt that reached about half way to her knees. It was a pale blue color and tied with a tight white wrap on her midriff. The hemming of the sleeves, collar, and the end was decorated with yet another triangular pattern, this time alternating colors between purple and white. She was lucky to have any purple on her clothing, it was expensive dye, and usually only the royal family could afford enough for clothes, but coming from the second highest ranking family in the North, each person in her family had just a bit of purple on almost every clothing item they owned. Her dad wanted to show off. To end her morning routine, Y/n quickly braided her hair into two tight french braids, topped off with her signature purple ribbons braided in, one on each side.

8:30, right on time. Y/n strolled to the kitchen where she ate the same boring meal that she ate every boring day of her boring life. Grilled Seal-Chicken sausages wrapped in Northern-Style sea kelp. She quickly gulped down her water and headed for the door, The rest of her family had already gone out, Her father usually left for meetings in the palace around 7:30, Kylo was usually out doing dumb things with his friends in the mornings before school, and her mom just didn't stay home much. She was always out getting groceries, or meeting with Yue's mom, the chief's wife, or doing anything other than stay home.

Once at the door, Y/n struggled to tuck her pants into her boots. They were simple, light, and leather, they reached about half way up her calves incase she would need to walk in a snow pile, they were nothing special, but she liked them. They kept the cold and snow out when needed, and if they had to, they could keep it in too. At least that's what the shoemaker said when she bought them, Y/n had never left her home city, so she never had the chance to test it out. Finally, her pants were tucked in neatly. Y/n yanked on her gloves. Unlike most people, she wore gloves with individual fingers, again, as a way for her father to brag about their wealth. They were much thicker and less elegant than Yue's, but Y/n loved them. They too had a slight purple tint to them, but at first glance they looked like pure blue. Last but not least, she pulled on her parka, it was long and warm, obviously it's a parka. Like her shirt, it had a large white tie around her waist. Above the tie, the parka was a light baby blue, with a slightly darker portion around her chest outlined with a light purple band. Below the waistband the parka was split into two sections, divided by another slightly darker purple band. Below the purple band the coat was royal blue, but it was still on the lighter end of the spectrum. Above the band was a slightly lighter shade of blue. The sleeves of the parka were large and flowing, the ends decorated with triangles the same shade of blue as the bottom portion of her jacket. Just like every other parka in the North, and Y/n assumed, the South too, the ends of the sleeves, neckline, and bottom of the coat, were lined with white furs.

9 am, right on schedule. Y/n opened the front door and inhaled the chilly late-December air. Just like every day, she made it too school at exactly 9:17 am, stopping, like every day, to talk to Kanta, a baker, for two minutes. And once again, like every day, Kanta handed her a large cookie to eat during her travels.

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