Chapter 1 **

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Waking up with the beaming light im my eyes from the window, so far its been a good morning. Well that might end soon, my best friend Ash has a surprise for me. Im scared because Ash is always up to something crazy! But she sure has a sense of style! She has long crimpy dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. She is completly gorgeous, but i have a feeling she is going to up to something bad.

I walk downstairs for breakfast when i smell chocolate chip pancakes be made by my mother. She i an amazing cook. After i ate, i went back upstairs to brush my teeth and get dressed to meet Ash at starbucks in a half hour. i walked out of my bathroom and went into my walk in closet and grabbed the first pair of jogging pants i saw, a light pink tank top and teal jumper.

CRAP, i have 10 minutes to get to starbucks to meet Ash! I run to my car and start the engine. starbucks is about 5 minutes away depending on traffic. It takes me about 8 minutes to get their and i am greeted at my car door by Ash. i hop out and i am immediatly embraced by Ash. oh god, i love her hugs , they're so warm and welcoming.

super short but just the start!!!!:)


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