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Sprinting out of my room, with my gun in my hand i was cautions.

I turned out of the hallway and saw most of my members in a ready stance.

"Boss, they've come sooner than expected." Lewie, my youngest member said. I could tell he was shaken up a bit, this was his third ever fight. I would hate for him to fall under pressure.

With a stern look, I grabbed his shoulder with my gunless hand, "Just focus, we always win. There's no losing." I squeezed once more and nodded to him. The innocent confidence came back into his eyes.

"Thanks." He whispered to me.

I truly hope nothing happens to any of them.

The rest of the gang- about five others, including Jeremy and Quinn- came into the main garage.

Our living environment wasn't idealistic like the mafia. We made do with what we had, the rest of my fathers fortune, and a big underground bunker. The base was located deep within the ghetto parts of New York City. My father founded this with Jeremy's dad. While it is underground, our home has four separated floors, the "top" being the closest to above the ground.

The garage we were all located in was placed on the first floor, it was a large area that had a giant slanted slab so we can take out veichles up and in easily. It was also the main entrance, where two, rather big doors were mostly closed and locked unless someone was out.

Clearly, the enemy found the base.

"Alright guys, like the radars said, they will be here very soon, watch your backs and we do NOT leave one man left to die! You hear me!?" I hollered. The forty of them looked at me with complete and utter trust. They nodded.

"These fuckers are dead." Nile seethed with excitement and ferocity. He was a man of killing, never backing down no matter the opponent. When I first became leader I was quite intimidated by him. Now I realise he's the sweetest man you could ever meet. Only the members and I can break through his tough exterior.

"HAH! I call dips on the biggest!" That was Stephen, a very lean member, dark-skinned and observant. Of course his keen eye comes with a fault, the man is the most ignorant.

"What the hell Stephen? Already playing pick and choose with the enemy?" Johnny, lanky and short, but he's got impeccable agility.

"Well of course Joanna, finders keepers." Stephen's grin maximised. I laughed, Johnny and him bicker often, it never gets tiring.

"Joanna?- I am NOT Joa-" Johnny couldn't finish due to the obnoxious sounds of bullets being shot.

They were shooting at the doors? The metal doors? Are they dumb?

"Everyone in position." I loaded my gun.

The shooting stopped abruptly The door started screeching in agony, and then fell forward, harshly smacking the concrete ground.

In mere seconds, the other gang was rushing in, guns in hand, and bullets in the chambers.

Stephen and Johnny, being in the front of the group, ran forward aswell. Johnny in the lead, he slapped the gun out of an enemy hand and knocked him down.

Stephen aswell, caught up and shot three others before helping Johnny roll on the ground.

The opposing gang brought at most, fifty disposables. Of all sex, race, ethnicity, and size. 25% of the group looked like trained gang members, while the rest looked like hoodlums that came from off the street. What were they thinking.

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