Chapter Five- Genesis Grae (Democracy)

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I am seriously so excited for you to meet Genesis because she is going to be such a powerful leader. However, I do want to tell you a little bit about her story because it may be triggering for some people. Genesis suffers from parental abuse (since I am trying to represent a wide spectrum of problems in the world, I wanted to bring attention to this topic), so, if you think that may be too hard for you to read, there will be the word WARNING in bold and a summary of any important details placed in bold at the end of the scene, signifying that you may begin to read again.

If you have gone through abuse, I am so sorry for you. There are people in my life who have suffered from it, and it is a serious problem that breaks my heart. If you are currently in an abusive situation, please seek help and know that there are people who will listen and help you. No one ever deserves to go through something like this. Abuse is a heavy topic, but it is something we must carry in order to solve the issue. 

My book will deal with a lot of serious issues, and I will give warnings before anything that may be triggering. Every character represents or goes through some event or some feeling that is occurring in our world. I want to bring awareness to the problems and not diminish them. Please know that, if you ever need help, I check my messages and I want to talk to you about it. However, please also know that professional help is one of the best ways to help and also note that I am not a professional (but I am a friend who is very willing to listen). These topics can carry the weight of the world, and they are not burdens we carry by ourselves.

If you have any other advice on how to handle such heavy problems, please let me know. I am trying my best to address societal flaws, but I also want to ensure that people are still able to read my book, so please be careful and heed ALL warnings throughout the novel.  

Vad (n) wild, untamed, uncontrolled, unregulated

"Your name?"

"Genesis Grae."

A moment of silence passes between us. My eyes wander down to my boots. Did I regret sticking out my leg and tripping her? Maybe a little bit. Would I do it again? Probably. Why did I do it? Now, that is a long and complicated story.

"Ah, I see you go by Gen."

Aspen was the first person who started calling me Gen. We were first years. Six years old with no clue what life even meant.

"Not anymore. I go by Genesis now." My words are ever so slightly cold.

"Well, then, it is nice to meet you, Genesis," he places a careful emphasis on my name. "My name is Damion, and I am here to help you pick your occupation."

The first conversation I remember having with Aspen was about our future occupations. Ever since we were little, our teachers would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up. They didn't ask us what problems we wanted to solve; instead, they asked us how we would contribute to society in the smallest sense we can: by driving the economy forward. However, without having the mindset of solving problems, there was no progress made in other sectors of our lives or in our society.

"I know," my reply is curt.

"Let's start with a little background knowledge just to give a general overview of your life," he states simply, but my puzzled expression asks a question he can easily answer. "It's for me. Your childhood can give me excellent insight into what occupation you have always wanted to choose."

His finger makes contact with the table, and I know he has just pulled out the folder about my childhood. Placing his hand on the table and pulling it quickly together in a pinching motion, his gesture commands the screen to come off the table and hover in the air like a hologram.

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