thirty eight

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The office was silent.

'We're just getting started.' That single sentence rang inside each of their heads like a song on repeat.

It wasn't until five minutes later that Athena realized, "The guy from the hospital."

Seven pairs of eyes examined the wide eyed sixteen year old girl. "What?"

"I was grabbed before going in Giannis hospital room." Running her hands through her fawn locks, Athena attempted to remember every single detail.

"It was a man dressed head to toe in black with a ski mask and red contacts hiding his identity. Before I had the chance to do anything, you and Dante got my attention when the you came running down the hall. I took my eyes of him for literally one second and when I looked back he was gone." Sighing, she massaged her temples attempting to sooth the oncoming migraine she was feeling.

'That doesn't help for shit.' She thought.

"So it's official, someone's after us." Giovanni muttered.

"And shooting me was their first move."

Startling everyone, Athena groaned loudly and stood up, "Why can we never catch a damn break."

Normally, a threat wouldn't stress her out but Gianni was shot. Whoever was against them clearly was not bluffing.

Athena took a deep breath, attempting to keep a level head.

"I need a minute."

Waiting for no response, she left the seven men behind in the third floor office.


I watched as my niece left the room.

She was stressed, anyone could see it.

"I'm going after her." Nicolo stood from his office chair and moved toward the door but I stopped him.

"No. Your going to figure something out, I got this one Nic." I didn't wait for his answer and exited the room in search for my La farfalla. (Butterfly)

I was almost half way through the house before hearing the sound of fist hitting a punching bag.

Of course. Turning around, I went downstairs to the basement.

Silently making my way in, I observed as Athena hit the punching bag, her knuckles covered by a thin hand wrap.

I didn't interrupt her, she needed this. So instead, I leaned on the wall and watched her angrily punch and kick the hanging bag.

It didn't take long for Athena to tire herself out. Breathing heavily, she rested her head on the bag. "This is really bad isn't it?"

I was about to reply but she started to rant, "I mean, of course it's bad. Someone's after us, they actually shot Gianni, and who knows what their planning next or how far their willing to go. This person has the great advantage, we don't know their identity. It could be a random enemy of the mafia or it could be one of our closest friends. How the hell are we going to figure this one out?"

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