Zayn Imagine.

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You were just on the couch waiting while eating some chips and chugging coke down when your abusive boyfriend Alex came through the door with a bottle of beer in his hands you started freaking out on the inside cause when he's drunk it never ended pretty. "Heeeyyyy baaabbbbeee" he slurred. Yup. He's drunk he came and sat right next to me while I just watched the screen avoiding is gaze, he started kissing my neck and touching me it made you feel weird so you pushed him off lightly "Alex." you said calmly "your drunk" but that didn't stop him he started tugging on your pants and kissed your neck again and whispered in your ear "come onnn don't beeeee like thattttt babbbbeeee" you could smell the beer and everything else just from him talking I turned my face towards him about to say something when he forced his lips on mine, I now pushed him back and got up from the couch and started walking backwards trying to get away from him "commmmeee oooonnn lleetts havve sommee fuuunn" he came towards me and I was now blocked by the wall he pushed me up against the wall with really big force and he started kissing me while I tried to push him off he got mad and just slapped me leaving it stinging and yelled "LISTEN!!! YOU BETTER MEET ME IN THE DAMN ROOM IN 5 MINUTES!!" he yelled "bitch." he said loud enough for me to hear. I don't think I was suppose but I then had gotten anger,sad,& confused. and he stormed off as I slided against the wall thinking he almost took what was most special to me. I sat on the floor with now blood dripping out of the back of my head from the big force and a big sharp sting on me cheek I got up and touched my cheek and whined in pain I got up, and grabbed my phone and started running to Zayn's it wasn't that far nor to close and just your luck! It had started raining you were still running looking like a mess. You head started pounding from the rain hitting your top and finally I had made it freezing and soaking wet, I knocked on Zayn's door and was greeted with Liam "Hey - What happen? Why are you here? do you need a towel? I'll be back come in!" you walked in and the a.c. hit you and made you shiver Liam came back in and wrapped the towel around me "where's Zayn?" I asked he brought me to the couch "Oh Zayn just left with Niall to Nandos they will be back soon but what happen why did you come? Why is your head bleeding?" he was just asking question after question " promise not to say anything!" you say he nods his head "pinky promise?" you ask he holds out his pinky and you wrap it around his "wait! Let me go get another towel!" he left and came back with another towel and he gently wrapped it around my head I whined in pain. "now you can talk!" and he smiled so then you start talking "well you know Alex...? My boyfriend?" he nods "well he had came home drunk and wanted to 'do it' and I told him he was drunk but he didn't stop and I got up and started walking and was blocked so he came and pushed me really...hard....and....started kissing me again....I pushed him off...and he got mad and slapped me and called me a....b-bitch......and he left to the room...I grabbed my phone....and ran here....and here I am...." he was about to say something but I yelled" BUT YOU PROMISED TO NOT SAY ANYTHING!!" he sighed "you can't hide this forever.....[Y/N] if I was you I would call it off.." I sighed knowing he was true. and looked at him "thats the thing Liam....I'm afraid...I've dated him for a year....could you imagine what he would do?!?!!!" Liam nodded "yes but you should have said something earlier maybe this wouldn't have happen please [Y/N] ?" I looked at the ground "you promised Liam and a promise is a can't say a word!!! You promised!!" then he just hugged me "ok ...." and I just stayed like that ,he was like my big brother maybe even the best brother you wished you had. Then Zayn and Niall came through the door "haha yeah-whoa! Are we interrupting something here?" Niall asked half laughing Liam let go of me and looked me in eyes I looked at the ground "nope just a hug that's all!" Liam said cheerfully I got up and followed them fixing both towels on "Need some clothes [Y/N] ?" Zayn asked you not bothering to ask knowing Liam had already asked. I looked at myself and saw I was still wet "oh....umm...yeah...." "come on!" and you followed him to his room he took out his "FUCK YOU" shirt and some baggy basketball shorts, you chuckled

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