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(Picture is Giovanni - one of the triplets)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 4 ~ The Simpson Residence Pt.2


I looked around Walter's room. It was very big, well huge really. The walls were painted a dark red colour, and most of the room was filled with the four poster bed, which was draped with black sheets and cloths. There were two posters one the wall, one of a band that I didn't know, and one was some sort of picture of a painting. He had a big black desk in one corner and a small sofa and armchair in the other. Everything was black and or dark red. Even the light had a wine coloured shade on it, which gave a dim effect in the room.

Walter went over to his desk and  turned on a laptop that was sat on top. 

"Um yeah, take a seat if you like," He said, gesturing to the sofa on the other side of the room.

"Oh, erm I just need to use the bathroom." Lucinda said.

"I'll come too," I added quickly. I didn't want to be left alone in the room with him.

Walter's eyebrows rose a little, but he told us where it was and carried on with his laptop. 

"I want to go! I can't stay here, I need to go..." Lucinda whisper yelled at me. 

"You can't just leave me," I said, only half desperate. I knew she would leave me in the end. She was one of those girls who followed everyone else, like a sheep. She was pretty indecisive and tended to take the easy way out of most situations.

"Please..why don't you just come with me then?" She said.

"Because it would be rude to just leave," I replied. And also, I was a little bit actually curious to find out more about this family.

She tried to rush out of the bathroom past me and I grabbed her arm. "Hey! We have a presentation to do, you cant just leave me."

"My parents would go mad if they knew were I was right now though..." Lucinda was getting on my nerves.

"So will my Dad," I lied. "But I'm still here."

"Sorry Coral." Lucinda mumbled and pulled away from me walking out. 

I watched her go down the corridor to the room Walter was waiting for us in and go out less than a minute later. Probably made a whack excuse to him. I swallowed my anger, I couldn't really hold grudges anyway. But the sudden rush of irritation had boosted my confidence and I found myself striding back into Walter's room. If he was going tqo try something, I would face him head on.

"That girl Lucinda..she doesn't like it here much," Walter basically stated, while bending over his laptop still.

"Yeah.." I agreed, I didn't know what else to say.

"So, you want a drink?" Walter said, standing up to his full height and watching me with his hazel eyes.

 "Sure." It felt good to say that, suddenly I wasn't even stuttering anymore. 

 "Okay then, follow me," He said in his deep voice, giving a tiny smile. 

As we walked back down the stairs to the kitchen, I wondered if I would see Eli. I was in actual fact a little scared of him after his earlier outburst. Walter and I walked into the kitchen, and he opened the fridge showing me an array of cold drinks.

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