(FrUK Kinkmeme Fill) Same-Sex Marriage is Legalized in France

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Gay marriage is going to be legalized in France come 2013!


On July 3, in his first speech in front of the newly elected assembly, prime minister Ayrault announced that marriage and adoption for everybody will be a reality "in the first semester of 2013".

I want to see France thrilled by the news and proposing to England sincerely, not like how he did back during his first proposal.

bonus: back during France's first marriage proposal, England said he wouldn't marry France "for those reasons". Anon would like to see England accepting the offer this time and what leads to him accepting it.

 This was my kinkmeme fill for the aforementioned prompt. I didn't get part of the bonus, but eh, it's fluffy FrUK.

Francis was overjoyed, to voice an understatement. He burst into the G8 meeting, practically screaming. He danced over to England and swept him up, kissing him excitedly before dropping him and beginning to babble in French. After patiently, if not irately, listening to France’s excited chatter, England gently hushed him with a light slap to the cheek.

“What is it that’s got you so excited, frog?” He asked, not bothering to hide his amusement.

“Oh, mon amour! Ayrault agreed! Oh, it’s legalized!” Francis cried, grabbing England by the shoulders and smothering his face in sloppy kisses.

When Arthur had fought him off for long enough, he growled, “What’s legalized, France?”

“Same-sex marriage! And adoption for everyone!” The blonde practically crowed, beaming.

England smiled slightly, pleased at France’s answer. “Really?”

“Oui! Oh!” Suddenly, France grabbed England’s hands in one of his own and pulled a ring out of his pocket, proudly presenting it to the Brit. “Will you marry me?”

England, and the other countries who’d been watching, stared at France in shock. That wasn’t even the beginning, though. England nodded meekly.

The other countries gaped. There was a moment of silence, and then an uproar of laughter and shouting. France joined in on the noise by throwing his arms around Arthur and kissing him on the mouth passionately.

England sighed softly when he was put down and smiled. “I love you, you stupid frog.”

“Je’taime, mon amour.” Francis murmured back, slipping the ring onto England’s finger.

England’s smile brightened and he wrapped his arms around Francis, snuggling into his neck. France kissed him on the cheek, beaming, and thought, Merci, Ayrault…

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