Step One: You Starts With An A**

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Okay I know I haven't uploaded keep moving on WHICH IF FULLY INTEND TO DO but I can't get to it. So I've uploaded something new for in the mean time...try reading it it can't be worse than nothing at all! :D

How A Good Girl Turns

Chapter 1: It Starts With An A**

I tapped my toe against the ground waiting impatiently for Rebecca to come outside. I glared at the ground knowing she was probably just making out with Kyle, her new boy toy of the week. Sighing I checked the time. It was already twelve minutes since school ended. And I will tell you now Rebecca wasn't in any after school activities that didn't involve pompoms, short skirts, and LOTS of boy attention.

I bit my lip considering if it would be worth it just to leave. After a minute I decided against it as it would only make her pissed off for the rest of the week. The car park was almost completely empty now; the only cars left were the ones for the people who most likely had detention.

Great I was probably the only SANE person left at this school. I didn't get stuck with the bad kids. I always went out of my way to keep away from them. I was the good girl, never got in trouble type. Honestly I had never had so much as a tardy on my report. I'm the 'little miss perfect' of the school.

I pulled my sleek black phone out of my front pocket to check the time. It had been twenty minutes since school had ended, and she had asked me to wait for her today. Sighing I scrolled through my contacts, until I reached Rebecca's name. Pressing the call button I placed it to my ear. She better have a bloody good excuse for leaving me like this.

"What?" Her velvety voice snapped through the receiver with annoyance. Great! SHE was annoyed? I bit deeply into my lip to stop myself yelling. I didn't yell. I was the calm cool and collected one. Pinching the bridge of my nose I sighed.

"I've been waiting for you for about twenty minutes now." I said my voice low. "Where are you?" I kept calm concentration on my breathing.

"OH." Rebecca said. "I left with Kyle." She giggled. "He told me he would give me a lift and, hello, he is so freaking hot. I couldn't say no." My eye twitched then.

"Why did you ask me to wait for you then?" I said through clenched teeth. "I've been standing in the car park looking like an idiot." I complained.

"Oh chill out." She said in a way that I could imagine her rolling her bright blue eyes. "I forgot okay? You could have left you know!" My grip on the phone tightened. I wanted to scream in annoyance, but stopped myself. It wouldn't do any good.

"Yeah got it." I told her slamming my phone shut, without waiting for a good bye.  "Ugh!" I screamed kicking the car in frustration. "I couldn't say no." I imitated her high pitched voice. Two weeks at this school so far and I was going mental. How hard could it be to say no really? I mean it was a one syllable word! How much easier does it get? Then again I wasn't one to talk. I said yes to everyone.

"Wow looks like someone's in a bad mood." A strong masculine voice came from behind me making me jump in surprise. I turned swiftly on my heels to come face to face with the Greek God that stood before me. My green eyes soaked in his beauty. He grinned, obviously noticing me looking at him.  "Nice view?" He asked waggling his eyebrows.

God yes. Like hell I was going to say it though. My mouth gave a slight twitched and I looked up to his eyes. "I've seen better." I said shocking even myself. It wasn't like me to say things like that. Usually I blushed and stayed silent in this sort of situations. Apparently I didn't only surprise myself. The boy's eye brows shot skyward. And a flash of amusement crossed his perfectly sculptured face.